Why do I sometimes get bad service?

Why do I sometimes get bad service?


Very occasionally I get a complaint from a customer that a girl that I or punter-written reviews recommend as a great girl who gives great service. There are many reasons why this happens although I have to point out that it does not happen often. If it did, the Asian escorts scene as a whole would not exist for as long as it has. We as agencies never put pressure on the girls to work if they don’t feel up to it for whatever reason. Well, I hope that’s the case but it certainly is atAsian Options.

Financial Concerns

As you are probably aware, the rents are incredibly high in London and often the girls are charged even more by unscrupulous landlords because they are aware of the work that they choose to do. We all have days when we would sooner have a ‘duvet day’ rather than go to work or there are many other reasons why we feel we can’t show up for work. Unfortunately some girls do work on such days due to financial pressure and tend not to give their best potential service. Spending time with an escort is not the cheapest form of entertainment and it’s no wonder that a customer is upset if he does not have a good time.

I’m afraid it is something that we just have to accept. Those of you punters who are financially well-endowed take it with a pinch of salt but then there are the punters that save up their hard-earned cash over a few weeks and will see it in another light, and I don’t blame them.

Not An Excuse

My explanations are not excuses, merely reasons why you may experience the odd bad punt. Whatever your situation, we would really appreciate it if you write a review, (good or bad) onAsian Option’s website. You will not only vent your frustrations but you will be keeping other punters on the Asian escorts scene in London well-informed. Many thanks, Ben - Asian Options.

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