Where have all the girls gone? . . . .

Where have all the girls gone? . . . .


You may have noticed that we have lost quite a few girls this past week. Namely Jenny/Zizzi, Julie, Champagne and Mercedes. However, nothing sinister has taken place. They were just told by the powers that be that they had been here too long and it was time for them to go home. They were told this in the morning and were on a flight back to Thailand in the afternoon. The loss of Jenny/Zizzi will of course be a major blow to the London Asian escorts scene. She has been an absolute legend and arguably the best of all time.

The reason the girls have gone home is political as they were told by Her Majesty’s Border Agency that they had been here too long and it was time for them to return home. This was quite refreshing to hear as opposed to some very dramatic deportations in the past. Apparently, the officers involved were very affable and simply asked the girls to pack 22 kilos of luggage and sort out a carry-on bag. They weren’t taken to a detention centre as has been the case in the past. Their flights were pre-arranged for them to fly back home in the evening of the same day.


This sort of incident has happened on many occasions before and we have accepted it as the norm. The authorities in general are very understanding and supportive of the oriental escorts London trade. I think they realise that all the girls that use reputable agencies to advertise their services are well-cared for and do not work under any pressure from third parties and accept that they are a welcome addition to the adult entertainment arena in West and Central London.

They obviously have quotas to meet and every now and again they swoop and send a few girls home. It would be unfair of me to just mention Jenny/Zizzi. Julie, Champagne and Mercedes are all girls who have a long-standing reputation of providing exceptional service over the years and they will all be genuinely missed. They have all been with Asian Options for a long time and I obviously know them on a personal level so it is quite difficult for me to say goodbye to such good girls and great friends.


My main concern for any girl when they return home is that they have achieved their ambitions which is generally financial security for themselves and their immediate family. This is without doubt the only reason why Asian girls come to London to work as escorts. The majority complete their mission and return home and hopefully lead a happy and contented life. I’m sure that you are all aware that there is no National Health Service are welfare benefits system in place that is free to use compared to us lucky westerners who often take this fact for granted.

If you get ill or fall on hard times in Thailand for instance, you are totally at the mercy of family and friends to get you through difficult circimstances. I have heard of many horror stories where Thai nationals have had to endure the agony of dying of cancer without access to pain relief. This situation just would not happen in the western world, so it is no wonder that girls come here to work as escorts in exchange for the well-being of their families. Personally, I think that they should be highly commended for their actions as I do realise that the work that they do is sometimes not an easy experience. 


Some judgmental folk criticise agencies in the role that they play but believe me, we do protect the girls from many unforeseen situations that sometimes crop up. We (all reputable) agencies have saved the numbers of hundreds of customers who have behaved badly in anyway to interfere with the safety and comfort of the environment that they work in. We also have a sixth sense whilst talking to potential customers as to whether they would be suitable customers for the girls. Of course, I would say all of this but it happens to be true.

Anyway, I’m sure you will all join with me in wishing Jenny/Zizzi, Champagne, Julie and Mercedes all the best for the rest of their lives and thank them for all the pleasurable time they have provided in the past. Ben - Asian Options.

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