Where are all the girls going?

Where are all the girls going?


You may have noticed in the past few weeks that some girls have disappeared from Asian Optionsgallery. Some have moved and some new ones have arrived. Nothing sinister going on here. It just appears that there is quite a sea change at the moment in the amount of changes that have occurred. Aileen and Love have decided to take a break and who can blame them. Their lifestyle can be quite stressful and taxing both physically and mentally. Nomi and Pinky have decided to call it a day and return to their native Thailand and we wish them both all the health and happiness in the world and thank them sincerely for making our lives just that little bit better during their presence in the UK. Thank you girls from all your regular punters and the team at Asian Options.

New Asian Escorts

On the upside we have procured the services of some new and very talented girls who I hope will go some way in alleviating some of the sadness caused by the loss of some of our old friends here at Asian Options. Carmen in particular catches the eye. She is a stunning looking girl and offers all services with relish and a smile. Definitely one to watch. Also joining us are Meji and Honey who are at this moment in time unknown quantities but as soon as the feedback starts filtering through, you, our valued customers will be the first to know. If you do happen to visit any of these new girls, it would be gratefully appreciated by your fellow punters if you could write a review, good or bad and we will publish them for all to see.


Another occurrence that I am sure has not gone unnoticed is the re-location of some of our very top performing girls. Although clearly documented on our gallery, we have had several instances of customers not reading their confirmation and address texts properly and turning up at the former residence of the girl they are visiting. I must hold my hands up and say that I could maybe have pointed this out to each individual case but hey, nobody’s perfect. Especially not me!!!  I should therefore announce in this Blog that Demi and Vicky have moved from Notting Hill to Holborn and Lilly and Sabrina have gone the other way and moved to Notting Hill. I should add that after having an operation that rendered Sabrina unobtainable for a few months, it’s great to see you back you little sweetie!!! I’m sure things will settle down soon and we will all know where we are again!!!


To sum up, I am happy to announce that we still have 35 or more lovely Asian escorts for you to choose from and we look forward to receiving your calls to make your bookings and treat yourselves to some quality ‘me time’. Thanks for reading today’s blog bought to you by Ben atAsian Options. Watch this space for further updates.

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