What are Party Girls?

What are Party Girls?


We at Asian Options are often asked what is meant by ‘Party Girls’? Well, we are treading on dodgy ground here when making references to girls who advertise their services as Asian and Oriental escorts. We all know what a party is but it is open to interpretation what a party entails. It may be when two or three girls get together with two or three guys and they do whatever consenting adults choose to get up to behind closed doors. We all live in the 21st century and we all realise what youngsters and also adults do to get their kicks. With the vast majority it’s cigarettes and alcohol and whatever happens, happens.

Recreational Substances

We are all also aware that there are many other substances that are commonly used nowadays by people in search of a short-cut to a feeling of euphoria. Some of these substances are legal, semi-legal or just downright illegal. Some of these so-called recreational drugs can be extremely harmful and I’m sure that those of you who are parents of teenage children worry about this issue. You may on occasion use the services of escorts and then go home and lecture your teenage kids about all the dangers out there regarding drugs and alcohol. Don’t get the two things mixed up. There’s nothing wrong seeing an escort!!! Ha Ha, which of course I would say. 

Just Don’t Ask

I have to come clean and tell the truth. I do get potential customers ask me if I can ask our escorts to sort them out some recreational ingredients. Please, just don’t even go there. It’s not fair to ask me or the girls to engage in this kind of activity. If you want to go down this route to enhance your experience of seeing an escort, sort your own stuff out and don’t involve us because the answer will be an emphatic NO!!!!! I say this in the most amenable way. Just get your own stuff before you arrive to see any of our escorts. I think you know and understand where I’m coming from and don’t hold it against me if I refuse to help.You know me and I hope you think I’m an ok kind of guy and I think I provide a great escort agency service but I am not a pharmacy or drug dealer. Many thanks for your understanding in this matter. Ben - Asian Options.

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