The Role of an Agency

The Role of an Agency


I have in recent times, seen some negative criticism with regards the role played by Escort agencies. I can honestly say that the individuals concerned really don’t know what they are talking about. By that, I mean that they have no idea about what goes into the operations involved in maintaining a successful and safe agency to promote the girls escorting services. I don’t mean that in a bad way. However, if you are not in full possession of the facts, you really should’t launch into a verbal diatribe against a profession you know little about.

It may sound a bit like I am trying to take the moral high ground when I give my views, but I can assure you I talk with my heart and my brain. When I first started Asian Options, as encouraged to do by my then girlfriend, my number one consideration was the safety of the girls. Nothing has changed as far as that goes. We all have to understand that it is not easy for a young lady to travel half-way around the world to realize her ambitions. They are then confronted by many unsavory characters who will try to take advantage of their vulnerability in ways too numerous or sensitive to mention. If you look half way down our home page you will see links to many contributions made by myself and punters alike on this subject. Hence, I won’t elaborate here, for fear of repeating what has already been written.

Nuts and Bolts

The nuts and bolts of any successful agency is to have good webmasters taking care of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These are the clever guys who ensure that you stay high on Google rankings. I can assure you my friends, that this doesn’t come cheap. Take into account this and all the advertising we do, and you will realize that it is not just a question of putting photos on a website and then waiting for the commission to roll in.

Every well-established agency has a database of mobile numbers of all the bad guys out there who have tried to harm the girls in any way. Personally, I also pride myself on the fact that I can pretty much guarantee when arranging a booking, if the potential customer is genuine and respectable. This is a priceless filter which is a massive barrier between the nasty people out there and all of the girls on my gallery. You can’t put a price on it, but this asset in itself is a big reason why agencies are justified to be established from the outset.

Long Hours

Add to that, the long hours and countless other tasks that we have to carry out and you will have a better understanding for the necessity of escort agencies. I could go on forever, but I think you get my gist. At the end of the day, the girls are allowing complete strangers to enter their homes at all hours of the day and need all the protection that they can get. I like to think that I have raised the bar of respectability in our industry for both girls and punters alike. A bit big-headed of me but it’s my blog so I can say what I want!!!!  Oh well, I’ve had my say and I would welcome any response by e-mailing me at: Thank you for reading my latest blog and if you have any questions/points-of-view/valid criticisms, do contact me by e-mail. Ben - Asian Options.

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