Taiza time!!!!

Taiza time!!!!


The elusive Taiza is back on the scene!!! She seems to be here for three weeks, then gone for three. Good for her that she is not totally immersed in work like the rest of us.  I would strongly advise that you get in quickly and make your appointment  to see the electrifying Taiza before she disappears back to her yacht in the Bahamas Lol. Only joking. I don’t think anyone in our industry ever reaches those heights of luxury, not that we don’t deserve to!!! Taiza is not the only girl onAsian Options books who is blazing a trail to London Asian Escorts legendary status.

Edgware Road Hotspot

The Edgware Road seems to be a hotspot for new and not so new talent alike. We are all aware of the lovely May who has been compared by many to Jenny who we all know and love, who, incidentally seems to be bookable only in advance these days. Jenny reports in every day with a nearly full-booking diary for the next day, let alone making an appointment with her on the day!!! Anyway, that’s great for Jenny and we are very happy that she is so successful. Getting back toMay, she really is a little darling with nearly the exact same physic as Jenny and rumour has it that her service is not too far off the mark either!!!

Evelyn, Sophia, Kelly, Tiffany

Two other new girls who are based in the same building are Evelyn and Sophia. These two are most definitely making quite an impression and further proof that the supply of Asian talent is not on the decline when it comes to escorts available in West and Central London. Evelyn and Sophiaare also of that rare breed of Asian girl that has not had breast implants. Check out Evelyn’sprofile page photos and you will see why it was totally unnecessary for her to have cosmetic changes in that department. Asian Options have quite a few more new girls including the diminutive all-services Kelly in the Baker Street area and the young newbie Tiffany in Notting Hill. That’s ya lot for now. When I have more news of any importance, you will see it here first. Many thanks, Ben - Asian Options.

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