When I was growing up, which believe you me was a long time ago, robbers were often sensationalised as Robin Hood figures. Nowadays nothing can be further from the truth. To weasel your way into the home of a young lady working as an escort and holding a knife to her throat is lower than infected yeast on the totem pole of our society. Recently, one of our girls was attacked but she maintained the presence of mind to call a male friend who she hoped was in the area and left the phone on so said male would hear what was going on. Luckily he was in the vicinity, very close by and entered the flat of this particular escort and apprehended this low-life. There is now a rumour going around that this particular thief died two days later in hospital.

The Facts

I cannot verify any of these facts but I can’t help but think that this scum has got everything he deserved. Sounds harsh to say that doesn’t it but it could easily have been the other way around and this particular young Asian escort could now be in the morgue, 6000 miles away from her friends, family and loved ones. The perpetrators of these crimes think that our escort girls are fair game as they would be scared to call the police due to the nature of the work they do. Wrong my friends. The police will be firmly on the side of the defenceless girl whatever her profession. All the girls are now having CCTV fitted and we are in the process of having teams of very able-bodied men on call and only minutes away that we can call upon if needed.


This is all obviously quite expensive but no expense will be spared to protect our girls. So, if you are one of these spineless creatures who choose to make your living in this most heinous of ways, watch out, you are being watched and you will be caught and prosecuted. Think I’m blowing hot air? Ask the guy in the morgue which is where he belongs. Ben - Asian Options.

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