I can hardly contain myself with anger at the events that have unfolded during the last few days. I am talking about robberies. Robberies in any way, shape or form, we all know are wrong. The act of an individual stealing from another individual or group, no matter how you dress it up is intrinsically wrong. We have seen this form of crime glorified for the sake of cinema, stage and entertainment and quite often, the perpetrator of the crime can sometimes be heralded as a hero, as in the case of folklore favourites like Robin Hood (stealing from the rich and giving to the poor), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid etc, etc. The stealing that I am about to refer to is the lowest of the low and without doubt the most cowardly act that could conceivably be committed by a so-called ‘man’. There have been at least 2 separate incidents in the last few days and the modus operandi indicates that they were carried out by the same group of hapless degenerates that more likely than not have been boasting down the pub with their mates about the amazing bravado and derring-do the way in which they have executed their crimes. They will have coloured their actions with stories of beating their way past heavilly-armoured security staff and other such mighty obstacles to achieve their aims of pulling off the act of armed robbery. The truth of the matter is that a gang of about five low-lifes have tricked their way into the homes of defenceless girls and not only robbed them of all their possessions but also physically assaulted them whilst brandishing a heavy duty knife as back-up should one of these petite young girls have the audacity to try to protect themselves in any way. These girls who are London Asian escorts do not have any form of security and are completely at the mercy of these cowardly individuals. These thugs know full well that owing to the nature of the work that the girls do, they cannot simply call 999 and wait for the police to turn up and rescue them.


Well, I have news for these despicable examples of human beings. The girls have started to involve the police and the police for once are erring on the side of common sense and are encouraging our girls to call them at the first sign of any problems by way of a panic button that will be cleverly concealed. Also the girls have been encouraged to have male company either on the premises or at very close quarters in the event of any problems.


A young Indian guy has recently been caught in the deletarious act of robbing defenceless Asian escorts by stupidly exposing himself to one of the many cleverly concealed CCTV cameras. They are not only cowardly but also incredibly stupid. We at Asian Options will also stand up and be counted in the event of any of our girls being robbed and we will actively hire lawyers and solicitors to make sure that any robbers are chased all the way into the Criminal Justice System and punished with the full weight of the law. The recent incidents have involved a black guy with four or five of his mates waiting outside should the need for back-up be required. How brave these guys are!!! Thanks, Ben - Asian Options

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