Reality Check . . .

Reality Check . . .


How about this for a request received recently from a punter. This is what he asked me to set-up: ”I would like my chosen escort to leave her door slightly ajar. I will then make my way to her bedroom where she will be lying face down and pretending to be asleep on the bed. I will then wake her up and she will fling her arms around me and welcome me as her boyfriend paying her a visit”.

Everything in this blog is assuming that the experience with the escort turns into an intimate encounter which as consenting adults is totally above board and in no way illegal. (Thought I better get that bit in before proceeding). Now, those of you who know me will, I hope, testify that I always go the extra mile to accommodate reasonable requests. The boundary can be sometimes a bit blurred, but your average guy has the common sense and decency not to expect ridiculous requests to be granted.

The request mentioned in the opening paragraph of this blog, definitely falls into the ‘ridiculous’ category and was politely declined. I have had other requests, equally undeliverable but too numerous to mention. I have to point out to these customers that what they are asking me to do is to write, direct and produce the equivalent of a West End play!!!


Another commonly asked for request is that the escort puts on a ‘Porn Star’ performance. Errr . . . girls working as escorts are, believe it or not, escorts. If they were porn stars they would be spending their working hours on a film set somewhere in California and being paid shed loads of money which the role rightly deserves. Said escort would not be advertising her services as an escort in West and Central London.

Ok, in reality, there are certain girls who have earned the reputation of giving a ‘near’ porn star performance. We have to respect  realistic expectations. They may be totally in love with sex and their chosen vocation, but that does not guarantee that they will give consistent levels of service to every gentleman who walks through their door. Our girls are human beings and are vulnerable to all the highs and lows that life has a habit of throwing at us. The only genuine advice that I can give to all punters alike, is to treat your chosen escort with respect and kindness. That is by far the best way to get the most from your time spent with her.


My agency is often criticized for not having many reviews relating to our Asian escorts who advertise their services on our main gallery. Reviews are fine inasmuch as they can authenticate the girls performance on that particular occasion. There are literally hundreds of reasons why, when you visit this girl, that your experience with her is in no way reflected in the review you have read. Time of day, how busy the girl has been before she sees you, her mood in general, the chemistry between the two of you, to name but a few. Unfortunately some reviews published, are false reviews. but I can assure you that the majority that you see on the top reputable agencies are genuine.

Do you know the best review that you can get are not the ones you see on the girls profile page. The best review is to: TALK TO ME!!! I am the one with the finger on the pulse of what is happening in ‘real time’ on a day to day basis. I am the one who knows if a girl  has just had a fight with her flatmate over who should be doing the washing-up on that day. I am the truly reliable source who will know if your escort has recently received bad news from back home. I will know if she has been partying through the night with her friends or has been on an overnight appointment with a customer.


My point is, is that you will get a far more accurate assessment of the potential quality and content of your booking by calling me and talking to me on the day you wish to see one of our escorts. Makes sense dunnit? I will be totally honest with you and say that I personally do not use the services of any of our Oriental escorts on display. It’s one of my golden rules and one that has served me in good stead in being the proprietor of a top London Asian escort agency, namely Asian Options.

I have been a punter in the past for many years, been married to a Thai girl for five years and visited Thailand 11 times so there is very little that I don’t know about my trade. I think that the underlying point that I am trying to make in this quite lengthy missive is that you guys really do need to keep your expectations at a reasonable level when visiting one of our girls. I suppose that the more you use the services of Asian escorts, the more you come to expect from your next visit. I can remember my own expectations when I first visited an escort and I was blown away by what was on offer.


In summing up, I hope I have got my message across in a fair-minded and realistic fashion. I still maintain that the best way to spend £150 is to book an hour with one of our girls. BUT IF POSSIBLE, TALK TO ME FIRST. I try to be informative and helpful and I will honestly tell you if any of our girls are not up-to-scratch and to steer you away from making an appointment with such a girl on a certain day. Anyway, enough said for now. I hope you all have a happy Easter and find time to give us a call so we can set you up with the ‘highlight’ of your Easter break. You can always e-mail me to ask me questions if you wish. I am always interested in ‘morality’ issues and would love to hear your views on anything escort-related. Take care and thanks for reading my blog today. Ben - Asian Options.

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