Punctuality . . .

Punctuality . . .


. . . it is said, is the politeness of Kings. Ok, a bit dramatic, but I really need to get my point across here. As I have probably mentioned in the past, our girls work to a diary system. If the young lady concerned is on several agencies, she will always inform all of these agencies when she is busy with appointments from one particular agency. Well, 95% of our girls are very good at this, but we do have the odd few who sometimes forget to tell us when they are busy.


However, I would never be angry with any of our girls as they are actually doing the work and it is understandable if they sometimes forget. On the other hand, you, the punters, could try to make the effort to be on time. I know that you are all busy guys, but please respect the fact that the girls have to maximise their earning potential. Sometimes I think it is worse if a customer showsup early rather than late. I have had instances where a customer turned up 15 minutes early and was most put out that he was not granted immediate access. The girls do not sit there all day dressed in stockings and suspenders with a face full of make-up.

Human Beings

Occasionally we have to remind ourselves that the girls have to eat, shower, go out shopping and do all the things that are necessary to keep themselves organised. They are human beings and not just put on this earth for our convenience, although I have to admit, life would be pretty dull if we did not have access to Asian escorts right on our doorsteps here in West and Central London. This little rant is directed also to us as agencies as well as all you punters.. Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening,  Ben - Asian Options.

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