Not a Whinge . . a Rant!!!!

Not a Whinge . . a Rant!!!!


As those of you who have had dealings with me in the past, I would hope that you think I am quite an easy person to deal with and provide a good service to you, our valid clientele. However, there is one thing that really gets my goat and annoys me intensely.

I don’t ever remember advertising myself as a pharmacy or a dealer in illicit, illegal substances. Quite simply, please do not ask me or any of my receptionist staff to get involved with arranging any kind of drug abuse, hard or recreational, when booking an escort through Asian Options.


You would be amazed at how many guys call us, book an appointment with one of our Asian escorts and then tag on the end of their request to ask the girl to organise the supply of drugs of all varieties. Don’t these guys realise that the girls have enough problems with the way they are ripped-off by all and sundry being charged over the top for rent and any number of items that they find difficult organising for themselves, without getting involved in any extra illegal activities?

Girls from South East Asia are by their very nature as accommodating as they can be but this should not be taken advantage of and their friendly demeanor should not be abused by requesting that they supply anything outside of the confines of escort services.


If you as an individual wish to partake in recreational substances, then by all means do so, but do not expect the girls to arrange anything along these lines. I would also request that you fill yourself up with whatever floats your boat before you visit any of our young and sometimes impressionable young ladies, as putting temptation in their way by virtue of the fact that they witness what you are doing can be just as damaging.

Come on chaps, let’s keep our branch of the adult entertainment clean and healthy and visit an escort for the pleasure of their company which is what escorting is all about. Some girls, although they are adults and can make choices, are occasionally exposed to bad habits which can eventually lead them onto a path of self-destruction. Please make sure that you are not in the one per cent of punters who irresponsibly facilitate in the corruption of our lovely young escorts. Thanks for reading and your understanding and being one of the good guys. Ben - Asian Options.

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