New Style of Blog

New Style of Blog


I am sure that you have noticed I have not been blogging as much as any self-respecting agency proprietor should have been. This has been due to poor health (Ah!!! I hear you say) but I am now 100% ok and ready to start blogging with a vengeance.

As you can see, we have had quite a few new additions to the London Asian escorts arena, notably Vicky (100% eye candy and all services), Mia, Elsa and Catherine. I hope you can all find the time to sample the delights of these stunning new acquisitions. There has been a bit of a decline in numbers over the last year but that trend is beginning to reverse thankfully. Also, I’m sure you all realise that the price has not changed in the last ten years so it has become a pastime affordable by a lot more of the general public.

Usual moans

Being back on receptionist duties for the first time in ages has been quite enjoyable but the usual moans have surfaced so I had better get them out of the way. Firstly, please don’t book a girl unless you are sure you csn mske the appointment. I have already come across a few guys who have cancelled 3 times on the trot and have taken great umbridge when I have asked them to use a different agency in future.

As I’ve alluded to so many times before, Asian escorts have rent and bills to pay and it is part of my job to ensure that they can maximise their time. It can get very embarrassing for me when I have to tell a young lady that for the second time in a day a customer has cancelled. Please respect the girls and reflect how you feel when someone does not turn up for an important meeting.

Please Don’t Be Late

Just one more thing which to me is the second most annoying habit of some punters, please don’t be late and please don’t expect the girls to be ready to meet and greet you with just five minutes notice. Contrary to some people’s belief, the girls don’t sit there in there refinery all day just in the hope that a customer will arrive at any time. London Asian escorts have lives too. They cook, go shopping, visit friends and do all manner of things just as do you and I. One thing in particular is that Oriental girls in London and indeed back in their native lands, have a ‘thing’ about their apartments smelling of cooking. This is embedded in there culture that it is not nice to receive guests with a smell of cooking permeating the atmosphere. You learn something every day!!! I think I will stop for today as you’ve heard it all before. I just thought a timely reminder of the ‘rules’ would not go amiss.

My next blog will be about escorting in different countries. Well, not all about our favourite hobby but the general focus or thread will be what you have come to expect from my usual ramblings and hopefully they will not be too boring.

Many thanks, Ben – Asian Options;

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