New girls

New girls


Over the past month we have had quite a few girls choosing Asian Options as their chosen means of advertising their services. Especially deserving a mention based on feedback of punters experiences so far are: Mint, Jessica, Ida, Nina and Lita. Mint is most definitely what I would consider to be the full package. She has everything going for her: genuinely young, very pretty, slim, very busty (natural, almost unheard of these days when it come to Asian escorts) and all services offered up with great enthusiasm.

European girls

Also, please don’t forget our two gorgeous Romanian girls, Monika and Raysa. I will be the first to admit that East European escorts girls do suffer from bad press from time to time. Complaints range from being too ‘mechanical’ to presenting not the friendliest of behaviour. Our two girls will readily agree that being on an all-Asian escort agency has had a knock-on effect and they have taken on board some of the unique attributes that make Asian girls so special in this their chosen vocation. Who knows, maybe the Romanian girls have offered the Asian girls a few tricks of their own.


There has NOT been an upsurge in ‘timewasters’ of late but I feel that it is always good to remind these guys (you know who you are) of the effects that their habits have on girls and agencies alike. There are those of you who request the company of a girl and when asked at what time you would like to see the girl, your answer is ‘NOW!!!’  Contrary to rumour, the girls do not sit on their beds all day, attired in stockings, suspenders and sexy lingerie all day just on the off-chance that their services will be required immediately. I can assure you that when I have occasion to visit them they are usually doing the washing-up or cooking in their dressing gowns and looking like anything but an escort in all their refinery that you will see in their photos. So please chaps, try to give them a fighting chance and allow them 20 minutes to get ready and prepare to make your experience a pleasant one. That’s my moan over for this week. Happy punting, Ben - Asian Options.

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