Mike’s punting story: third and final part

Mike’s punting story: third and final part


Third and final installment

Mike’s punting story: third and final installment . . . .

So, I had crossed the invisible but very real and not imagined line of being a punter, to being an integral part of the London Asian escorts scene. It may not seem much to onlookers but it was proving to be quite a life-changing event for yours truely. I had kept track of the amount of times that I had paid for the pleasure of Sarah’s company. It came to the staggering amount of 36 visits which in fiscal terms works out at £5400. It depends which way you look at it but if you try to rationalise it to make youself feel not too bad about it if you can. 36 events that were unique and genuinely fantastic. Some things you just cannot put a price on but this stingy old git has a habit of veering towards this mind-set. I think to myself, would it be at all possible to have gleaned that much pleasure out of a cruise in a first-class cabin for 3  weeks, island-hopping around the Caribbean? Hmmm, I don’t think so, especially as I would have been sexually frustrated for a substantial proportion of the cruise oggling at the bikini-clad brigade lounging around on the sun-decks all day. Would it have been possible to have that much pleasure out of buying a car for £5400? Most definitely not!!! So there we have it – I have convinced you, the reader (if there are any readers of my ramblings) and more importantly, myself, that it was indeed the best money I have ever spent.

Well, now looming up on the unstoppable horizons of reality, there were some big decisions to make. Do I love Sarah or am I in love with the ‘idea’ of being in love with Sarah. Do I love her for her personality and would it be a relationship built on mutual respect and love or was it just the infatuation I felt for Sarah and the new lifestyle that happenstance had lured me into? I may have mentioned this before but my life seemed to be working on two parallel levels. There was this amazing new life that I had discovered and my old life which, due to the ending of my long-term ‘conventional’ relationship now merely consisted of going to work, seeing my daughter and granddaughter occasionally and going back to my little bedsit I had rented close to my place of employment every night and dreaming of being with Sarah. I’m not too much up on classical literature but was my life a bit like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where one took a few steps and one found oneself in the fantasy land of Narnia. You may think I am being a bit over-dramatic but this is just me trying to get across how I felt at this, one of the most important cross-roads of my life.

Decision time

I was finding it difficult to concentrate at work, which only a short time ago was the centre of my universe and a job that I honestly enjoyed getting up for everyday and going to. It had all started to become a bit bland and all I could think about was when my working day was over and I could return to ‘Narnia’!!! :-)

Right, decision time. You know that feeling you get when you go on holiday sometimes and would dearly love to go and live there? Then you realise that the location of your vacation is a fantastic, vibrant, throbbing place when you are there in the middle of summer but then common sense tells you that the situation may be totally juxtaposed on a cold Tuesday evening in November? Well, that was my train of thought at this given moment in time.

Sarah inadvertently made my decision-making a little easier by professing that she was quite tired of her way of life, being involved with Asian escorts in London and would very much like to try a fresh start in a new area, for example, my town of residence, 30 miles or a 30 minutes train ride, west of London. Treading very carefully before embarking on this our first tangible step to be together, I decided to go for it. Now, I am not a stupid man, but I am also aware that when faced with life-changing decision,s one can tend to over-think the situation and end up going nowhere until it’s too late.

Free Ads

I was not short of a few bob as I had quite a substantial amount of wonga in the bank after the sale of my house. However, I was not about to throw it all away merely just to buy myself a slice of the escorts scene and all things Asian on a permanent basis. To this effect, I suggested to Sarah that she get a flat in my home town and do the same job from there on the back of me sorting out some advertising in the local free-ads newspaper. Sarah readily jumped at the idea which convinced me that she was not just after a free ride but actually did have some genuine feelings for me and was prepared to ‘do her bit’ financially and in doing so instilling in me some confidence about our future together.

I managed to find her a nice little one-bedroomed flat a few minutes walk away from the house that I was in the process of buying. I did not want to leave my money in the bank for too long in case property prices started to rise and my savings would slowly be rendered less effective in the property-buying market. Well, the story gets a little boring now (as if it were possible to get any more boring!!!) and for a few months all was hunky-dory and our relationship was growing stronger. There was still the issue that the girl I was in love with (well and truely by now) was still being shagged by all and sundry. Sometimes she quite matter-of-factly described some of the goings on with her punters but I explained that I really did not wish to know, good or bad, the details of her times spent with her customers. Being outside of London the market in my home town is more of the £60-70, 30 minutes range and often, the customers are not quite so well-heeled as they are in London.

So far, so good. I suppose it had crossed my mind that taking Sarah out of her environment in London where the nucleus of her friends and community were, may cause some problems in the form of her becoming a bit isolated and bored. After all, she was only getting 3 or 4 customers a day and the rest of her time was spent sleeping and waiting for me to get home from work. I suggested she invited a few of her Asian escort friends to maybe visit and/or stay with her to alleviate her feelings of boredom and isolation.

Hence bagan the migration of quite a large slice of London escorts establishing the first embryonic stages of a new community arriving in my home town. Lucky town!!! :-)


I finally moved into my new two-bedroomed flat which was quite nice and proved to be quite a magnet to Sarah and her friends. It was on the ground floor and the patio kitchen doors opened up onto a very nice enclosed communal gardens shared by 12 flats in a two-story layout. We decided that it was time for Sarah to stop escorting and move in with me and I would take care of her as my common-law wife. I think that here started the next major chapter of our relationship. My flat certainly had it’s fair share of ribaldry and orgy-like goings-on over the next few years!!!! My story is still in full swing and some very interesting times lay ahead . . .

You may by now be thinking that I have fallen into that well-publicised trap of getting hitched-up with a Thai girl and she is about to fleece me for everything that I own. I was lucky. Nothing could be further from the truth, but I have to say I was one of the lucky ones. I have mentioned before the calamatous situations that some poor buggers have found themselves in and being stripped of all their precious assets by an unscrupulous South East Asian girl.

£300 a month

I have always believed that it’s not right to generalise about any group of people, whether it be nationality, race, creed, gender, religion or colour. There’s good and bad in everyone. Sarah’s only real agenda was that she sent home £300 a month to her family who I must admit were by no means destitute. However she did have a son by an absent Thai father that her mother and father were taking care of. It does often surprise me how girls from such a family-orientated society can find it within themselves to leave their much-loved family to seek their fortune abroad so that said family does not want for anything. I am not one to judge as I am by no means morally perfect. My personal finances made the request for £300 a month seem quite reasonable. As with a lot of ex Thai escorts who have landed themselves a nice European man (that’s me)!!! :-) they are always after a bit extra, but only in a polite and sometimes quite amusing way. You will hear that their Great Aunt’s cousin’s brother’s pet dog is sick and £100 is desperately needed to save the poor mutt’s life. You soon get wise to these sometimetimes ficticious situations and learn to compromise and keep everyone happy. Trust me, I’ve heard them all.

Gradually, some of Sarah’s friends, who had visited us whilst they were still active on the London Asian escorts scene, began to take a liking to Sarah’s new way of life. It appeared to them that after the hectic lives that they lead in London with the astronomically high rents and those who prey on Asian escorts girls’ vulnerable situations, my home town seemed like an attractive viable alternative. Yes, they would not earn so much in their chosen profession, but the living expenses would reflect favourably in exchange for a better quality of life. My town is quite big and only 30 minutes by train from London so they were not totally isolated from their previous existence.

When our new little community was quite well-established, many parties, shenanagins and skuldugery ensued. I often found myself in bed with two of Sarah’s mates having their wicked way with me only for Sarah to walk into the room, start laughing and joining in!!! One of her better mates actually moved into my apartment’s second bedroom on a permanent basis and plied her trade from there. A cheap ad in the local free-ads newspaper and off she went into the half-hour quickie market which I think between the three of us we marketed quite well. She was a lovely-looking girl and I think when punters walked through the door they weren’t expecting escorts of the Asian London type of girl to greet them in this backwater and often stayed for an hour or longer and she built up quite a sound regular client-base and all was rosey in the garden. The three of us had quite an open relationship and I always deliberately left the bathroom door open whilst taking a bath, knowing full-well Sarah’s mate would come in and give me an impromptu blow-job. Life was good.


The first Christmas we had a total of 12 Thai girls stay in my home. I made them all stockings of small presents and made sure they all had a totally English traditional Christmas including a full roast Turkey dinner. Unfortunately not many of them could get through the stupidly gargantuan portions I had prepared but only half an hour later the old pessel and motar bowl was out and they were preparing some tongue-scorching papaya salad!!! Oh well, I tried my best.

I did it once but never again. It was a great Christmas and one that I never would have imagined I would be a part of two years ago when I was ‘Mr Normal’.

Also during this time, Sarah discovered a penchant for football and after a few visits to my hometown club in South East London she was hooked. We are not a glamerous team and lose more than we win so I thought it was a tribute to Sarah’s character that she could enjoy the day at football – win, lose or draw. On one occasion we were sat at the front and about 20 yards away from 3000 Man City fans. We equalised in the last minute and she stood up and beckoned them to all come and fight her!!! It was quite a staid part of the ground not reknowned for voiciferous support so she really stood out and made me really proud of her insomuch that she had also taken on the ‘tribal’ attributes of being a true football fan – bless her!!!

Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering, my escorting habits had not died down and I had found some nice little flats out of which worked a plentiful supply of Chinese escorts. I particularly love Chinese escorts purely because they consider it unlucky to shave off their bushes. I am a big fan of a nice hairy old growler nestling in a cute Chinese escorts knickers. A lot of my mates say I am an old pervert because of this particular sexual trait of my personality. I would have it that there are a lot of ‘closet’ hairy escort lovers out there who, because of current social sexual trends are afraid to ‘come out’. This is based on emperical evidence that there are thousands of ‘hairy’ websites so there must be a demand for it. And in any case, is a shaven pussy not ‘childlike’ hence making a lot of punters paedophiles? I’m only joking, I do also enjoy the odd shaven pussy.

The next big event was the arrival of her friend who we will call Sally.Then the fun really started . . .


Sally arrived in my home town at about 3am in the morning. Just to set the scene, Sarah had matter-of-factly informed me that Sally had a nice set of jugs and was very hairy down-under. I think from the moment of that casual description, my heckles were up and I could not wait to meet her, being a big fan of the more hirsute and natural hairy old growler that Sally may be hiding in her pants. Anyway, that was just my private thoughts which obviously I shared with no one.

Sally’s journey went something like this: She flew from Bangkok to Johannesburg to Madrid to Paris and then Dublin. She then caught a bus over the border to Northern Ireland and flew from Belfast to Manchester. She then paid £300 for a black cab to bring her to a retail park on the outskirts of my town, just west of London, where we met a very tired and bedraggled-looking, hopefully soon to be member of the Asian London escorts scene, Sally.

She didn’t look overly attractive but who would after the journey she had just undertaken to get to the hallowed land of milk and honey and all the trappings of success and happiness that this new chapter in her life purported to bring.

Pastures new

I have to admit that on first sight, Sally did not look overly attractive, but thereagain, she had undergone the journey from hell to get to our hallowed shores. We took her back to my place where she was to stay while she became acclimatized for a few days. I have to admit that as I was still a bit engaged by proxy with the escort scene, my roving eye had not closed shut entirely to the prospect of further incursions onto pastures new, even though it was a very good friend of my girlfriend’s.The hairy bush and nice tits were proving to be too much of an attraction hence my initial interest in Sally.

During this period of time I was quite confused as to where my life was headed or what I really wanted from it. It had been quite a few years since my initial incursion into the escorts scene and what had at first been a fantastic discovery and a brand new experience for me had now kind of transcended into something somewhat akin to the domesticated life that I had originally sought to get away from. Don’t get me wrong, it was still quite exciting hanging out with young Thai escorts, taking them to discos and all that, but I felt that the original excitement was slightly diluted having crossed the imaginary but very real barrier from punter to escort’s partner. This is, I think, what made the urge to have my wicked way with Sally quite strong and I had the feeling it was going to land me in a whole load of trouble with Sarah as it obviously would, as Sally and Sarah had been friends since their youth and Bangkok escorting days.

Well, it would appear that things were about to take a strange twist that would ultimately lead me into Sally’s fully-thatched gusset. By this stage of the proceedings Sarah and I had got married, which is the usual start to gaining a permanent visa for a Thai escorts girl although as we later found out it was not a guarantee. After paying God knows how much in lawyer and barrister fees, we were told in no uncertain terms that as Sarah and I had not been living together for the mandatory two years, she was not entitled to permanent UK residency. This in effect meant that she had to go back to Thailand. However, as the months went by, there was no sign of her being forcibly removed, so we kind of settled into a routinely life with me going to work every day and Sarah basically living the life of luxury at home, twiddling her thumbs and getting up to all sorts of shenanaggins with her Thai mates. Please don’t think I am implying that Sarah was a bad person, quite the contrary, but the situation was just that she really didn’t have much to keep her occupied.

Old customers

I heard through the grapevine that she had been seeing some of her old customers to earn some extra wonga and this did not upset me, as it was all money that was sent home to her family, which, as discussed before, is the primeval instinct of all Asian girls working as escorts living and working abroad. I think it was then that I realised that I didn’t really love Sarah as it did not upset me that she was shagging around for whatever reason. I began to think that we were going nowhere and that I had strayed too far off the path of my new-found excitement in life which was basically shagging any pretty young Asian girl that I wanted.

Anyway, life has a way of sorting these things out for you if you just sit back and wait. I think that the biggest problem in our relationship was that I just spent far too much time at work. I had worked in the printing trade for 35 years and the nature of my job was such that you went home when the work was completed and not before.
Sarah, Sally and her other friend got into the habit of going to the local pub every night and playing pool with all the local lads, who were of course overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of three very pretty Thai girls that had appeared as if by magic into their drab, local boozer. Well I think that you can guess what happened next. I came home from work late one night and Sarah was eating but not with the usual enthusiasm that she usually consumed her food. I asked her what was wrong and she started to cry and told me she had fallen in love with someone else. I know it sounds quite callous, but I was in fact heartily relieved. So, to cut a long story short, we seperated and she went to live with her new boyfriend that she had met down the pub. At that time he had no idea that she was once part of the escorts scene in London and I wasn’t about to let on to that fact. In fairness to Sarah, she did not ask me for any money and I had to force £1000 on her to make sure she was ok for the immediate future as her new boyfriend was not the wealthiest of chaps.

So, quite a succinct and neat ending to my relationship with the lovely Sarah. A few days after her announcement I paid a visit to the pub where her new romance had blossomed. I was also quite a regular there myself and when I walked in, her new boyfriend recognised me and I think he thought he was in for a bit of a pasting. Not my style. I simply walked up to him and introduced myself, shook his hand and told him that everything was cool. I did not let on that inside I was actually quite grateful that he had stepped in and indirectly set me back on the right road which was to have further interaction with more beautiful Asian girls. I then had only one thing on my mind. Getting into Sally’s pants!!! This all sounds quite heartless but I had to be truthful with myself and do what I really wanted to do with my life. I had already raised a family and did not intend to stagnate into a domestic antiquity just yet. There was still a lot of life left in the old todger for me to proceed down into that cul-de-sac of life.

Fast forward

Let us fast forward a few weeks to when the dust had settled and the dynamics of my social group had changed somewhat. We still all went to the same pub and remained great friends and one thing that Sarah could not give up was her love of the football team that I had introduced her too. Hence, I still took her to football every two weeks and we remained close buddies. Quite unheard of in this day and age where seperating couple are at eachothers throats. Ahhh, I hear you say. Well, that’s happily just the way it was and still is to this day. We still meet up regularly and she has had a bonnie little baby daughter with her new partner in life of whom I am very fond of. All three of them!!! Back to the story. We had all developed a penchant for a certain night club in town and me being the oldest swinger in town, tagged along with them all. I dabbled in the new found recreational substances and we all had some amazingly fantastic nights, with sly old me edging closer and closer to Sally as the weeks went by. Sally had originally come to England to join the London Asian escorts circuit but she seemed quite happy working in my town and never seemed to want to progress onto pastures new. I felt that I had to tell Sarah how I felt about Sally as they were best buddies and the last thing I wanted to do was cause any friction amongst any of us. Being the wonderful girl that Sarah was (and still is) she gave me her blessing to pursue a romantic liaison with Sally.

It was one of these substance-fuelled nights at our local night club when it all really kicked-off. We were all having a fantastic night and I put my arm around Sarah and wouldn’t you just know it, she told me in no uncertain terms to f**k off!!! Well, I think I realised then that my feelings were not going to be reciprocated but it didn’t quite turn out that way. She ambled across to Sarah, obviously to report my less than welcome amourous advances. After a while, Sally came back to where I was sitting and proceeded to snog my face off for about ten minutes. So, it would appear that the only thing that was worrying her was how Sarah might have felt, but after Sarah had given her permission, bless her, it was all systems go!!! I felt quite invigorated and excited at how the night would turn out. I was not to be disappointed. This night had everything. We all went back to Sally’s place at about 5am and began a second round of recreational substance merriment. It was probably the best night I had had for many a year. Whilst at Sally’s, their other friend (also a former member of the Asian escorts London scene) had a big fight with her English boyfriend but this somehow just added to the entertainment. By about 10am we were all pretty exhausted and decided to go to bed. Sally took me to her room and I will never forget the sight of the most amazing, hairy old growler when I slipped off her knickers and I plunged my tongue as deep inside as was possible. She came immediately and I was not far behind as we were in the sixty-nine position and she was giving me an expert blow job. Wow, what a night!!!! We all woke up at about 5pm with awful hangovers and headaches. This unbelievable night did not then lead into a serious relationship with Sally. We had a bit of fun for a few months and then went our seperate ways.

I think this really is a good place to end my punting story involving UK-based London escorts. I had had the most fulfilling few years of my life and just a chance remark from Sarah one day unwittingly sparked the next chapter of my involvement with the wonderful world of Thai girls. She said to me: Mike, why don’t you go to Thailand for a holiday? I think you would really enjoy it . . . . . . . !!!!!

Thanks for reading, Mike – London.

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