Mike’s punting story part 2

Mike’s punting story part 2


Second instalment

Mid-life crisis . . . I think not!!! :-)

By this time, as you can well imagine, I was well and truely ensconced in the escorts scene in London, mainly with the Asians fraternity. Bayswater escorts, Earls Court escorts, South Kensington escorts, Notting Hill escorts, Paddington escorts, Edgware Road escorts, Marylebone escorts in fact escorts from Asian climes in general, was beginning to become my whole life and I had never been happier. At work I was a minor celebrity with all my tales, exploits and conquests being openly discussed with chosen colleagues, many of whom I think were slightly envious of my new lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t actually achieving anything on merit, merely enjoying the most of my new found freedom brought about by the ending of my long-term ‘traditional’ relationship. I think that in the back of my mind and going by national trends, it was only a matter of time before a few of my fascinated mates would soon be peopling the escorts scene of which chronologically, I just happened to be the pioneer.

It got to the stage that If I could have afforded it, I would have been at it every night. I was a bit flush with cash having sold the house and having quite a good job, but I did not lose sight of the fact that there was a possibility that it could get out of hand. I have always lived by the adage: ‘Live for today but don’t ignore tomorrow’. Hence I did show a bit of restraint and kept it down to two or three visits per week. These escort girls were to be a big part of my life, but not the be-all-and-end-all of my existence. Sensible eh? At least that was the plan. Oft the plans of mice and men . . . :-)

At this point, I was in full swing and felt immortal in my new world of escorting as a hobby/pasttime. I had had the pleasure of spending time with some great-looking girls and felt that there would be no end to my new found heaven. What was just around the corner, I did not see coming . . .

All change . . .

I was browsing one of my well-established Asian escort agencies that I had used many times in the past when the sight of a particular girl caught my eye. She was not giving that look of ‘hey, look at me. Am I not just about the most sexy of Asian escorts you have ever seen?’. There was an absence of that usual pouting, sensual ‘come on and f**k me if you dare’ kind of look. It was more of a serious look that purveyed a sense of a ‘devil may care’ attitude and that she was not bothered one way or the other whether she got booked for an intimate romp or not. I felt that the gauntlet had been thrown down merely by her body language in her photos and my mind was made up that I needed to ‘conquour’ this young lady sexually and also to get to know her on maybe a deeper level. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but she just fascinated me and I just had to know more about this young, sensuous, girl’s life. It wasn’t purely sexual like all of my usual liaisons. There was something else.

I went along to see her the next evening. This particular escort agency had always served me well in the past and they assured me she was an ‘ok’ kind of girl. On meeting her, she was every bit as pretty as her photos and although her sRelationshipervice was good, it was only on a par with the usual fayre served up by this and indeed all the other main agencies that were on the scene at that particular point in time. There was however a certain chemistry between us which was helped by the fact that her English was quite good compared to my at that stage, nearly non-existent, Thai linguistic skills (not that they are overly brilliant even now after eight years of peopling the London Asian escorts arena).

Relationship brewing

Our relationship deveoped into more than I had been used to up to this point. I had not at this stage partaken in any other dynamic or situation other than visiting the escorts of my choice, said a cheery goodbye and then made may way back to my more conventional life. It was a bit like a magical door had been opened and whenever I stepped through that door I was in a kind of magical wonderland.

Anyway, after about six visits, when our session was over she asked me to go up a few floors of the building in which she lived to have a beer and a chat with some of her fellow escorting mates. Such is my normally boring and predictable life, it felt that I had been invited into a magical social circle of which I had never dreamt I would be privy too. I walked into her mate’s room and immediately recognised four of her six mates as girls from various Asian agencies who I had indeed shagged in the not too distant past. My former conquests recognised me and had a little giggle amongst themselves in a quite openly non-conspiratorial way. The girl who I was falling for we will call ‘Sarah’ just to give her a label and seperate her from all the other Asian escorts in my new social circle of friends. Sarah also laughed at the situation and assured me it was no big deal to be in a room where I had shagged most of the occupants. The two of the six girls in the room that I had not had intimate relationships with, I recognised as girls from other Asian agencies that I had had my eye on for some some time and were most definitely on my wish-list. Here I was confronted with the first negative in this otherwise very exciting and uplifting new chapter in my life. These two girls were now out-of-bounds. :-( Still, quite a small price to pay for the privilidged raising of my status in the world of my Asian lovelies. Still felt a bit gutted, but I dismissed this as being greedy and told myself that I can’t have it all ways. There were also a few English guys in the room who seemed to be romantically attached to some of the girls present. Were they thinking the same as me? We had all probably shagged eachother’s girlfriends at some point, although I have to point out that at this stage, Sarah was not my girlfriend. This did not prevent a few pangs of probably unfounded jealousy rise up inside me, especially as some of the guys present were quite handsome. My God, what a complicated situation I had landed myself in via my new hobby?!!!!


The experience of being involved on the other side of the fence of Asian escort agencies was becoming apparent. Yes it felt nice to be welcomed into the their ┬ácommunity as up until now, as a punter, I was held at arm’s length until I generated some solid trustworthy relationships with the girls, usually by shagging them on several occassions. It was also at this point that I suddenly became aware of some of the downsides of this ‘privilidged’ position. Having developed feelings for Sarah, the inevitable pangs of jealousy came searing to my emotional surface. Up until now, I had been Jack the lad and humping anything that moved without any kind of emotional attachment. Now, every night when it was time to go back to my more conventional life, the drives home were not spent revelling in feelings of triumph at the ‘conquests’ of the evening, but thoughts of what Sarah would be doing with other blokes later that evening and during the following day.

In the ensuing months, I did gradually get used to the idea that if I was not prepared to financially support Sarah then it was her only way of making a living. To point out what a rollercoaster of a life I had signed up for, if the jealousy did get a bit too much, I could always go and shag another beautiful Asian girls without Sarah knowing and that seemed to level the emotional playing field a bit. I think the worst times were when we were all gathered in one of the girl’s flats, eating, cavorting and making merry and one of the mobiles rang (there always seemed to be about a hundred lying around the place) and it was one of the escort agencies with a job for Sarah. If we were in Sarah’s flat, we all had to make our way to another of the girls’ flats or if not in Sarah’s flat she had to quickly take her leave and go and get ready for the next punter that would be knocking at her door. I’m sure all the other guys present felt the same but in a way it was a feeling of shame that you weren’t supporting your girlfriend financially and she was still having to do that herself. I think that there was an unwritten creed that dictated that whosoever’s girl it was that was called away, subtle words or glances of compassion were aimed in your direction to make you feel not quite so isolated. Even worse was when I actually drove Sarah to some of her ‘outcalls’ to save her taxi fare. Most uncomfortable my friends, but the scales were tipped in favour of my new lifestyle otherwise I would not have stuck it out. I think it did become easier as time went by. After all, when you form a relationship with any Asian escort, at least you know from the very start what you are letting yourself in for. Spare a thought for the poor f*****s who met their escort girlfriends outside of the Asian escorts London scene and then found out later what their chosen profession was!!!! I witnessed this on acouple of occassions and it was not a pretty sight. I still to this day know a girl who used to be a bloke but had had total gender re-assignment who after nine months has still not told her boyfriend that when he is rimming her, he is actually licking a bloke’s arse!!! That is one reason I could still not have intimate relationships with a girl of this classification. No matter how pretty she was and how womanly all the hormones had made her, she could not complete the deal and have her bloke’s arse transplanted with a women’s arse. Well I suppose she could but highly unlikely.

So, that’s the situation I had progressed to. It was all still very intersting and fascinating for me to be a part of this strange little community on the other side of the escort agencies trading scenario.

Unwanted attentions

Well, things settled down a bit after that and once I’d got used to the idea that Sarah was only having ‘cold heart’ sex with punters my social activities were 100% ensconced in my new little group of friends. This involved many parties and going to night clubs the sort of which I had been absent from since the halcyon days of my youth, long forgotten deep in the annals of time. I think I adapted pretty well, even though I say so myself!! Yes, I danced like a computer salesman on a night out with the boys but hey, who cares, it was fun. I would often find myself in the situation of being in a swanky night club with four or five stunningly beautiful Thai girls. What other clubgoers thought, I shudder to think. but I think the general consensus was that I was some kind of ‘pimp’ treating his hareem of girls to a night out on the town. Of course this was not true. Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, the girls were not at all interested in the unwanted attentions of many a frisky young male. They merely wanted to dance and have a good time with eachother. I suppose it’s a bit like air hostesses not wanting to fraternise with members of the general public, after being stuck on a plane with them for the past twelve hours. This was a situation when the girls wanted to forget about their London Asian escorts committments and the kind of work that they do and just chill out. It became quite apparent that my role was indeed that of chaperone and discouraging all the young bucks. I usually managed to dance with them until 1 or 2pm, but after that I would seek out some kind of seated refuge and follow proceedings from there. Very relaxing and a million miles away from my social-life of a year ago. I was learning more and more about the escort way of life and this led me to start seriously thinking about my relationship with Sarah, which I had to admit was erring a bit on the ‘serious’ side.

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