Mike in Bangkok – the Sequel

Mike in Bangkok – the Sequel


Day 1

Well, I do believe it is Tuesday, September 3. I arrived in Bangkok early yesterday evening. I bad time to arrive methinks. I flew with Etihad Airways which meant that I had to stop over at Abu Dhabi for 3 hours. I thought, what am I going to do for three hours but the time goes really quickly and if any of you guys are thinking of using Etihad, please be aware that it’s an airport designed for the future and has 67 gates, some of which are a 25-minute walk from the centre where all the shops and restaurants are.I just made it by the skin of my teeth with minute to spare. I paid £730 for my ticket but that’s because as usual I decide to go at the last minute and always get clobbered with high fares. Never mind.

Anyhow, sitting in the taxi on the way to the centre of Bangkok, all the usual feelings of excitement about being re-aquanted with my Asian friends of the escorts persuasion in Bangkok, common sense went out of the window and instead of settling myself into my hotel, I went straight to my favourite bars and got totally blathered and made all sorts of promises to see girls the following night.

Well, here I am on the aforementioned following night. I slept until 5pm and have just been out to get something to eat. It’s now 8:30pm as I write this and I think that I will just go and see one of my favourite native Asian escorts for a quickie and spend the rest of the evening unpacking and getting my life back together before I start to really go for it tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s my age but do bare in mind that 16-hour flights do take it out of you a more than you realise. I feel quite ashamed as I have let down a few of my Bangkok escorts friends tonight by just not showing up to se them. I will be a good boy from now on and show them a little more respect. Promise!!! 

The evening turned out quite well as I went bar-hopping to evaluate the latest talent. A few of the old favourites were still plying their trade but as it’s been over a year since I was last here most of the bars have a whopping collect of new young Asian escorts beauties which definitely had me salavating. I had my doubts about the age of some of the girls dancing on the stages of the Go-Go bars but I assume that they have had their ID’s checked out and are old enough to be doing what they are doing. Do bare in mind that these young, nubile, perfectly-proportioned, gorgeously pretty young girls are generally quite shy when you get them back to your hotel for some fun. If this turns out to be the case, don’t be too disappointed. You will have had the pleasure of seeing their heavenly young physics as nature intended and you will of course get at least a mish experience and hopefully a bit more.

As I have mentioned before, all the girls have a number pinned to their skimpy attire, so if you see one that particularly catches your eye but you are not, for whatever reason in a position to barfine them at the time, try to remember their number so the next time you enter their establishment of employ, you won’t spend half an hour trying to recognise your afore-chosen young Asian lady. You never know, she may appear on the Escorts scene in London where you will have to pay ten times the amount for the pleasure of her company.

In the end, I must admit I settled for one of my old favourites who for the price of £40 I had 3 hours of fun back at my hotel. More tired now than I think I have ever been in my life so will have to collapse and hopefully not wake up too late tomorrow and waste the day as is my want when I usually arrive in Bangkok escorts heaven for the first few days.

In a few days time, I am off to pastures new as I visit the island of Phuket for the first time. Signing off now to go and do what I came here to do. :-)

Day 2 

Well, it’s getting better. I actually woke up at 2pm today so have more time for some fun. I have done all my shopping for supplies, tea, milk, toiletries etc, so can now concentrate on getting down to business. Go-Go bars brace yourselves. I am on the way!!! :-)

I started off with going to one of the larger bars where there would be a good selection of girls on display. I had in mind that I would like quite a young girl tonight, by that I mean of course in her early twenties. :-) I wanted one who was extremely thin with long gangly legs. Don’t ask me why, that’s just how my mood was at that given time. It didn’t take long to find the perfect girl in the Rainbow bar in Nana Entertainment Complex. She was absolutely gorgeous and I thought that I may just be out of her range, age-wise, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. I asked one of the staff girls to ask number 34 if she would like to sit and have a drink with me. The girl quickly checked me out and I got the nod and 3 minutes later she was sat next to me in her skimpy little skirt and bra and panties. She sat so that I could have a good view of her panties and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Having got thus far did not mean that she would agree to come back to my hotel with me although I have never been refused yet but there will surely come a day when I am just that bit too old and I will be given the thumbs down. Sometimes the girls will just get their drink from you and have a quick chat and then get back to the dance floor. With her little white panties at the tops of her gorgeous, thin little legs well on show when the drinks arrived, there was an almighty stirring in my loins which she picked up on and lo and behold she started fondling my nether regions!!!! I was losing control of myself and just blurted out ‘would you like to come back to my hotel with me?’ F**k me, I hadn’t even asked her her name!!!! Thankfully this young nubile Asian escorts beauty he likes of I had never even seen in London acquiesced and off we went to my room. I had taken my Viagra an hour before and it was working it’s wonders too well and I had to pull my T-shirt as far down as possible to conceal you know what as we trotted off to my hotel. For a girl so young (20, as her ID card revealed) she was quite chatty and confident. This was going to well to be true!!!! Upon arrival in my hotel room she went straight into the shower and when she cam out she did not even have her towel around her which I can assure you is an absolute first in all of my punting experiences in Thailand. And guess what else?!!! She had a fully untrained bush!!! My God, this was just too much!!!! I quickly hopped into the shower and when I cam back she was sat there resting against the head-board of the bed with her legs wide apart revealing all, casually changing channels on the TV with the remote control. 

Will my heart be able to stand this excitement?!!!

I asked her if she would like a drink and she said no thanks and just took my towel off and beckoned my head between her legs. Bloody hell, she was already wet with the juices flowing freely. I had the heavenly experience of tasting her for about five minutes and then she pulled me on top of her and tried to get my cock in her pussy without a condom. After about three mind-blowing strokes, common sense got the better of my and I slipped on a condom, turned her over and finished doggy-style. I am not making this up my fellow punters. I had just had one of my best escorts experiences ever, in Thailand or London. Now this is what keeps me coming back for more of these Asian lovelies. I think I may have peaked too soon as surely it can’t get any better than this. She even let me keep her panties as a souvenir!! Yes, you are correct in thinking, I am beginning to be a dirty old man. :-)

I walked her back to her bar and then went to another bar where my sweet little staff girl works to calm myself down a bit. Funnily enough, something then happened which re-enforces what I have mentioned in previous missives. A skinny, creepy looking guy with no smile on his face just walked into the bar and started to stroke the leg of one of the girls dancing on the stage. This of course took the young lady by surprise and she flinched away from him. He then swore at her calling her a f*****g whore and turned around and left the bar. Although it is very easy to get laid here in the Thailand capital of Bangkok, you still have to behave like a gentleman and all things good will come to you. This little incident proved my point.

The day ended up with a bit more bar cruising and I was witness too a couple of incidents which you don’see much of in Bangkok.I’m sure it does occur on a regular basis but this is the first time I have borne witness to such events. A guy was sat at the outside perimeter of a barand he looked well pissed. No crime in that. He then mumbled to the girl behind the bar that he wanted one more beer. As she went to get it he gently sloped away down the busy street into the mingling crowd, never to be seen again. He looked a bit like an ex-pat who’d seen better days and was a bit of a ne’er do well type. I think if he carries on his capers he will run out of bars soon
and get rumbled and locked up for the night and his face put up in all the local bars to put a stop to his shenanigins.
Secondly, I saw a couple of pick-pockets try to relieve a chap of his wallet but he was a bit too quick-witted. One of the naughty chaps legged itbut the second who was a tiny little bloke, was not so lucky and the intended victim dragged him to a police cabin at the end of the street.
Just because I could, I decided to have one more punt before the night was done. I took my little staff girl back to my hotel and we both promptly fell asleep.
Tomorrow I’m off to Phuket where I have never been before. Let’s see how that goes . . .
Day 5.
As we flew into the holiday island of Phuket, all I could see was mist-covered aforrested mountain tops and it was peeing down with rain. I got a cab from the airport to find a hotel near wear I was reliably informed was the storm centre of all things Asian Go Go bars and geographically the furthest I had ever ventured from by beloved London escorts scene. The cab driver dropped me off at a hotel and by this time it was monsoon-like rain and the whole place looked like a summers day on Blackpool sea front. My feel-good factor which is normally ever-present in Oriental escorts land was ebbing away fast. The hotel was cheap and not cheerful. I think it resembled a prison that had been turned into a hotel. The rain was too heavy to scout around for a better hotel so I thought I might as well check-in for one night and wait for the rain to cease sufficiently to venture out in search of the girlie hot spots.
Well, on walking around, I have never been so disappointed with the first impressions of anywhere in Thailand. My God, what a shit hole!!! I’d alwaays been under the impression that Phuket was quite an up-market kind of place. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am now sat in my hotel room which has a faint smell of urine about it and not an ashtray in site thinking I’ve got to get the f**k out of this place, ASAP. It’s all rather depressing really as I had had high hopes for this place. On my meanderings around, there doesn’t seem like there is any particular area designated to Go-Go bars!!! I will venture out tonight and see if has gotten any livelier. If not, I am straight back on a plane to Bangkok tomorrow!!! There is even a notice on the hotel room wall suggesting that we only have our bed linen changed every other day to help with the emission of detergents into the environment. Do they not realise it is my avid intention to cover the afore-mentioned linen with all sorts of nature stains every night?!!! That sounds a bit yuk but you get my drift. Let’s see how it goes tonight. I might be continuing my diary from Bangkok tomorrow . .

Day 6
Well, I am still here in Phuket. At least it didn’t rain today, or at least I think it didn’t as I didn’t surface until 5pm. With that statement you may glean that I did actually find something to do last night, despite my previous fears that I had arrived in a ghost town. I think I am a bit impetuous and should have given it a few more hours before being so judgemental. I ventured out and after asking a few Westerners where all the action was, I was directed to Bangla Road. This, my friends is where all the action is, although it is very short on Go Go bars but teeming with bars that just have a collection of girls dressed in uniforms beckoning you in for a drink. I still think it’s a bit too early to judge Phuket in relation to other places in Thailand and indeed the escorts scene back home within the London Asian community.
Just off the Bangla Road there are many side streets that are absolutely deserted. All the bars and clubs are closed giving it quite an eerie atmosphere. Whether this is down to the fact that it is just out of season or is due mainly to the world’s financial situation, I am not too sure, but to be fair, the Bangla Road provided enough action to warrent a few more days. The hotel in which I am staying is the kind of place that ten yearsago would have been the height of luxury and the perfect place to stay while in pursuit of native Asian escorts. It is a bit run down now but just about bearable. I usually judge a hotel by how comfortable I would feel using the bathroom. It’s just about ok with the plug holes not rusted or blocked in any way so am getting used to it. It didn’t seem to bother the young escort lady that spent the night with me. This
morning she spent so long in there that I had to ask her to vacate the shower as I was touching cloth with no alternative facilities available. She did see the funny side though, bless her. Mind you, I have been to many of the rooms that these girls rent to live in and most of them you wouldn’t keep your pet dog in so maybe it was luxury to what she was used to. Really shouldn’t complain too much. It’s only £20 per night and right in the heart of all the action.
The night’s action . . .
Anyhows, back to the beginning of last night. I had a few beers in a few different bars and in each one was accosted by the usual Thailand escorts bar girl asking the same old boring questions but I put up with it and bought them a drink for their efforts. I was just about to call it a day, when in my peripheral vision I espied a Go Go bar on the opposite side of the road on the second floor with some rather tasty young escorts strutting their stuff. Oh well I thought, may as well check it out if just to compare it to the bars in Bangkok. I sat myself down and there was one girl dancing in her little white skirt which was more like a belt revealing her sexy little panties.
You may have heard me mention in the past that I have a penchant for goofy girls. I don’t mean goofy in the normal sense of this dental discription. What I mean is that their complete set of top teeth are splayed at an angle of about 45 degrees which I personally think is quite a turn on imagining how well-versed they would be in the art of giving BJ’s. I suppose this is what many westrenised girls would look likeif not given braces to wear as youngsters. Forgetting about the teeth though, she really was  quite a beautiful girl with lovely bronzed skin and a smashing figure.
She was obviously going to be the ultimate target of my intentions should I decide to have an escorts romp back at my hotel. Then the usual thing happened and I was accosted by the one fat, cheerful staff girls that every establishment seems to have. She really was very friendly and spoke good English. She then intrduced me too her side-kick friend who was vey slim and had a lovely little bum so I think it was at this point that I felt a party coming on (at my expense of course!!!) I was sat there like a king with his hareem and all the girls, staff and dancing escorts inclided, kissing and cuddling me and dragging my hand down to their nether regions for a nice grope about. As usual, my Viagra was in full effect by this time and I was quite excited to say the least. The only thing that was missing was the gorgeous girl on the dance stage. I kept making eye contact with her and she smiled back but did not make any attempt to join in my own private little party. I then asked my chubby little friend if she would aske her to join us at my table. Her face imediately dropped and I later found out that what is so usually the case, the lovely dancing Thai escort on the stage was not very popular with all her mates. Just a jealousy thing I suppose. She came and sat next to me and she was f*****g fantastic with skin as smooth as silk. If this girl ever decided to come to London and joinnthe London Asian Escorts community she would be an unmitigated success story. I asked her if she would like to come back to my hotel and she agreed. There is always that little bit of doubt in my mind, that as I get older, eventually I will be refused. However, when I look around there are some seriously old fat ugly sods who persist in coming to Thailand to get laid and most of them seem to manage it so I think my longevity is assured.
What followed next was I have to readilly admit my fault in behaving not as gentlemanly as I often preach you should always do in Thailand escorts land. I don’t think I was too bad but I committed one grope to many on the wrong bum and a fracas ensued. You may remember the slim staff girl I mentioned before who was the side-kick of the chubby one. I could not keep my hands off her pert little bum even though I had bar-fined the lady of my choice. It was all done in a fun kind of way but one girl there who had an obvious allegiance with the girl I was taking home for the night,slapped the slim girl acroos the chops!!! If anyone should have received a slap it was me!!! A scuffle then broke out involving four of the girls but the manager stepped in and all was peace in the world once more. I had spent about £60 on drinks in the bar but even so, I should know the boundaries and not have acted the way I did.
My young escort lady of the night and I then left and went back to my room. At this point I wondered what sort of escort services and the quality of said services. Well, I was not to be disappointed. Started of with loads of really wet oral and I think she was actually enjoying herself. The one sure way to tell that she is genuinely turned on is to feel her pussy at the beginning when it will obviously be dry.Then, when you are sure that she has not had the chance to lubricate herself when things are in full-swing, feel the pussy again. I know all you punters know all this but it gives you great delight when you are an older guy such as myself when aforementioned pussy is gushing it’s juices and you know you yourself had played some small part in this state of pussy wetness. She was gushing!!! Wow, this really spurred me on and even though I had finished she was determined that she was going to achieve completion herself. Chaps, this was absolute heaven with such a fantastic looking girl who snogged with tongue all the way through. Thank God for Viagra that enabled me to help her finish. :-)
So, that was what happened last night. I know that if I go back to the same bar tonight I think I will have to apologise to all and sundry and keep a lower profile. And to think, I was going to get on a plane and go staright back to Bangkok!!! I think I may now stay a few more days but try to be a good boy and not lose control however pissed. Total cost for last night was about £110 including what I gave my young lady who provide the greatest of escort services. She only wanted £50 for the night but I gave her £60 because I’m a generous old sod!!! . . .

Day 7
Damn . . . I have been hit by quite a severe tummy bug which has proved to be quite debilitating. Not just the normal diarrhoea but quite a lot of pain as well. This being my eleventh visit to Thailand, I have of course had the usual tummy upsets before but nothing as bad as this. I can eat something and in no more than 20 minutes it’s waiting to exit at the end of my internal food cycle. I don’t know why, but Phuket has just not done it for me. There’s nothing wrong with Phuket and I would strongly advise visiting but I would come in season when I’m sure there’s a lot more going on. I have managed to collect my laundry, change my ticket to return to Bangkok tomorrow, change some money and arrange my taxi to the airport all within 20 minutes distance of my hotel bathroom. A quite night in tonight I think is the best idea as I have been hammering my body quite a lot over the the last week. I think it’s nature’s way of telling me to slow down a bit and lay off the booze and the girls for
at least 24 hours. I did espy two phenomonally beautiful girls last night but I think they will have to wait. Maybe . . . :-)

Well, I did venture out tonight as my Bangkok Belly seemed to have settled down sufficiently to risk leaving my hotel for a prolonged period. I am becoming more and more dissatisfied with this hotel. I know it’s only £22 a night but it is really grubby and no matter how many times I asked for my room to be made-up, the requests fell on deaf ears. The staff are quite unfriendly and this has reinforced my decision to head back to Bangkok tomorrow. The name of the hotel is The Aloha Villas and even though it’s only a few minutes walk from all the action, do yourself a favour and don’t be a cheap Charley like me. Spend another tenner a night to stay somewhere half decent. I always maintain that when you are on holiday it’s of the utmost importance that your hotel has a ‘feel good’ factor and not one where you are afraid to step bare-foot into the shower in case yo might catch something. Talking of which, I have experienced this feeling when about to have a shower when visiting the apartment  of an Asian escorts girl in London. A bit off-putting. Just a small tip: when booking internal flights in Thailand, don’t be tempted to book the lowest ‘websaver’ fare especially if you are headed to somewhere new and not sure how you will like it. It only cost me £4 to change my ticket as opposed to paying £60 to retreat back to Bangkok escorts heaven two days early.

Last night in Phuket

On the whole, you have to say that Phuket has got an awful lot going for it. The dynamics of the bars with regards bar-fining girls is a bit different and some bars you just can’t, But the Bangla Road is packed with plenty of clubs, pubs and Go-Go bars and enough to keep even the most seasoned of us punters happy for a week or two. It just didn’t really happen for me. I ended up taking the same girl back home with me tonight. She absolutely wore me out and couldn’t get enough. In the ebd I had to point out to her that I am 57-years-old and after going at it for two hours and the time being 4am, I really did have to cease activities. She was a real luvvy and we just had a nice cuddle and fell asleep in eachother’s arms . . . Ahhhh. :-) I think I was lucky enough to experience one of Phuket’s best escorts.

Day 8

I managed to get to the airport this morning and get my flight back to Bangkok. We had to circle over Suvarnabhumi Airport for half an hour as there was only one runway in use. Tuning into BBC World news later this evening I saw that a Thai Airways jet had landed and it’s landing gear had collapsed only hours earlier and skidded off the runway. And it was one of their new planes!!! Anyway, After an absolute nightmare taxi ride which took 2 hours instead of the normal 40 minutes because of traffic, I am now safely ensconced back in my hotel where I must have stayed well over 200 nights in the past. What a lovely feeling it is to be back. I even have the same room as before which is in the newer block of the hotel. It feels like I have come home!!! If you do ever come to Bangkok, I can strongly recommend that you stay at the Dynasty Inn Hotel on Soi 4 just off the Sukhamvit Road. At £30 a night, it’s a real bargain.

So, that just leaves me to decide what to do tonight. Hmmmm . . .  I wonder what Asian delights await me tonight? I still have this hankering for really thin escorts with nice thin but shapely legs. Well, the only thing to do is to stop writing and get out amongst all the action where I’m sure the young lady I am looking for is sure to be found among the hundreds on display. See you all later . . .

Day 8 . . . Familiarity breeds contempt.

Well, they do say that familiarity breeds contempt. And here is a case that fits this well-known proverb. As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to spend the evening bar-hopping for the rest of my stay in Bangkok. The idea was to visit all new bars and make some fresh acquantances. This I did last night and I had a great time and met some spectacular girls which really took my fancy. I have made a list of the girls number, the establishment in which she works and the hit list was complete.I was feeling a bit knackered after travelling from Phuket yesterday so decided to spend the night with my little staff girl regular. This was a big error. I should have just gone back to my hotel and had a good kip to re-charge my batteries for the the coming days.

I arrived at her bar and she was very pleased to see that I had cut short my stay in Phuket and have more time in Bangkok before I go make to London and my beloved Asian escorts scene although that does seem a far cry from what I am experiencing at the moment. Both good, but here in Bangkok, a lot more exciting and cheap!!! After about 5 minutes my memory banks were jogged into realising why I had decided to spend the rest of my time here experiencing new haunts and different Thai escorts. First there came the usual request to buy lady drinks for 5 of her mates and of corse the lady manager of the bar. This all gives my girl high standing in the social hierarchy of her life in her bar. I did tell her several times that I was really tired and just wanted to go back to my hotel for a bit of the usual. In fairness, her English is not good but she understood perfectly well what I meant. As I was tired, I became a bit irratable when she asked me to buy more drinks for her mates and I repeated, that I was too tired and wanted to go home so just bought her a tequilla and thought that that would be it. Then her lady bar manager came over to me and told me that she had arranged for my staff girl to get a passport so she could come and visit me in England. What the f**k!!!!!! I do realise that there is a language barrier and that things do sometimes get lost in tramslation, but at no time had I ever mentioned anything about taking her to England with me. This really began to piss me off. I had given her loads of dosh paying well over the odds for her companionship and up until now I thought we had been having a great time together, not planning a new life together back in London where I think she has the notion of becoming one of the escorts community there.

Then things got a lot worse. Apparently she had had a bit of a fight with one of her mates in the bar the night before. Usual stuff I presume where one girl accses another of muscling in and nicking her customer. Anyway, a heated debate ensued outside the bar with the bar manager lady acting as referee. By this time I was so hacked-off that I said to her I am going without her. She got the message and we trundled off back to my hotel. Or so I thought. She said she was hungry and wanted to buy some food from one of the street sellers so I so ok. She chose to buy a crab dish which was phenomanally expensive by usual standards and then the last straw was that she wanted to go back to her bar to share it with her manager to further her standing in her bar social circle. I said ok, but I would go back to my hotel room and wait for her. She said she would be 30 minutes. An hour and a half later when I was fast asleep, she, her manager and another girl knocked at my room. It felt a bit like she had organised a posse in case I would not accommodate her for the night.

She came in and went straight to sleep. I was seething. However, I do take 100% responsibility for this situation as I had stayed too long with the same girl and was probably sending her mixed messages about my intentions. At about 11am she awoke and asked for some money for a taxi home which I duly obliged. Now, I had paid the bar fine as is the norm for her to come with me. I did not though, give her the normal 3000 baht (about £60) for her overnight fee. I now really don’t want to spend anymore time with her but I have a feeling that I will somehow be tracked down tonight and problems will arise. Although the Nana Entertainment Complex is a busy place, if you are a ‘wanted’ man, there are eyes everywhere and she will for sure see me taking a new girl home tonight. Oh well, all part of the fun and games I suppose . . . I will let you know how this pans out.

Well, it all panned out very well as it happened. I wasn’t tracked down like a wanted criminal by my staff girl. Nana Plaza Entertainment Complex like I have mentioned before has only one entrance. When inside, you are surrounded on three sides, each being three tiers high. My staff girl’s bar is on the left-hand-side on the second tier and from outside her bar you have a pretty good 360 degree view of all that’s going on in every part of Nana. It wasn’t my intention to hide from her but if I made eye-contact with her, I would have had to acknowledged her and go to see her. This is where it gets a bit sad because she really is a lovely girl and has done nothing wrong apart from being a bit over-zealous in pursuing me as her life-partner, egged on bar her lady bar manager. I did see her sitting forlornly outside of her bar obviously waiting for me to show up. I’m positive that she or one of her mates must have seen me wandering from bar to bar but fair play to her, she left me alone to get on with my evening. Thank heavens that the escorts scene in London and the Asian community there isn’t as complex as it is here. There, it is much more impersonal and professional whereby if two girls are living in the same flat, you can see one of them one night and the next night be welcomed in by the same girl to visit her mate on the next night. A totally different dynamic to the Bangkok Asian escorts playground. Ah well, it would be a pretty boring world if all escorting situations were the same worldwide. I will go to see my little staff girl tonight and try to explain to her what the situation really is.

Back to my bar wanderings last night. I walked into Rainbow 1 (there are three in Nana) and immediately spotted what I was looking for. A young, spindly-legged girl, quite busty and very pretty. I sat down and ordered a beer and was then confronted with another young lady that I had enjoyed the services of on many previous occasions. Bollocks!!! This I could have done without. Yes, she is a lovely girl but I had my mind set on other things. I bought her a drink and explained pleasantries with her and I think that she was pretty sure we were going to hook up for a session. This is where I can give you a very use ful tip on how to get out of situations like this should you ever find yourself in the same awkward situation and want to get out of it with your integrity intact. The secret word is: ‘Programme’ For some reason, this word has come to mean something amongst Bankok escorts. If you tell them that you already have a programme for the evening, they will interpret this as not being given the cold shoulder, but that you have made arrangements to see another girl later that evening and that you are just passing time waiting to meet her. This all worked ok but I did miss the chance to barfine the lovely young lady who haad caught my attention on the stage. I am still waiting for my first re-buff but this did not turn out to be the occasion to test this. Never mind, there are another 30 or so bars in Nana so onwards I went.

Second level

I then moved up to the second tier of Nana and entered a bar there. As if by magic, the perfect girl was dancing quite slowly and without much enthusiasm on the stage with about only four other girls. She was a hum-dinger of a girl and I desperately wanted her to be my escorts experience for the night. Now. I tried to make eye-contact with her and glean a smile from her. If you get a smile then you are pretty much home and dry. The much needed smile was not forthcoming. I did not want to start grinning at her like some demented old fool so I casually glanced around at the other girls as if it were of no importance to me whatsoever if the dream girl smiled back at me or not. This went on for about 20 minutes and she refused point blank to smile back at me. I thought, oh well, I have finally met my match and this young Bangkok escort was a bit out of my league. I thought that maybe she was just hanging on to see if she could get a slightly more young and handsome customer to whisk her away into the night. Bollocks I thought. I am just going to move outside of my comfort zone and ask one of the staff to get number 44 to come down off the stage and have a drink with me. Well that seemed to do the trick. When the staff girl asked my beautiful young gangly-legged girl dancing without much enthusiasm on the stage to come and have a drink with me, she seemed to snap out of her reverie and was all smiles and friendliness as she sat beside me. I think that this just goes to show how mind-numbingly boring it must be to dance on the stage all night just staring at reflections of yourself. She probably hadn’t even noticed my smile or just thought I was a chancer and was smiled at all the time. So out of the window goes my theory that if you get a smile you are good to go!!

Age importance!!!

You really have to be careful about the ages of some of these young Asian beauties plying thier trade as escorts in Bangkok. This particular girl looked very young indeed. She was very pretty but was covered with what I assumed to be teenage spots. On checking her ID, she was 22 and had been working as a Go-Go/escorts girl for three years. Who was I to disagree. She was jaw-droppingly beautiful and quite chatty and friendly towards yours truely. Then came the pointI was dreading. Would she or would she not agree to come back to my hotel with me for some hank-panky. Thank my Lord Buddha she said YES!!!! Well, you can guess what ensued from this point onwards but I will tell you anyway. We made the short walk to my hotel and I think we were both still feeling a bit awkward as it is quite strange to meet someone and know that within half an hour you will be exploring eachothers intimate parts. Oh my God she was lovely!!! When we got to my room I gave her a drink from my mini bar and then turned on BBC World News on the TV. She seemed very intelligent and had views on all the current topics of the day, Syria conflict, Myanmar terrorist Buddhist monks etc and the situation became very relaxed. I then said to her would she like to go and have a shower and off she went. She walked out with her towel around her waist showing of her beautifully enhanced young breasts as if she were very proud of them. So she should have been!!! Her towel dropped for an instance and lo and behold, another girl who was not keen on shaving her nether regions to the point of resembling a plucked chicken. It was cut well-back but you could see that she had the ability to grow one almightily hairy thatch!!! :-) The good thing was, and excuse me if you think this is to musch information, but she had not bothered to shave past the front and it appeared that she had an old-fashioned, bristly doormat protrudind from between the cheeks of her tiny little bum!!! Oh my God!!! This was just so perfect. I went and had my shower and I soon had her in the ’69 position with the most beautiful sight ever in front of my eyes and at my disposal. This is as good as it gets for me although I do realise this is not everyone’s idea of heaven. Many punters are put off by hairy girls but definitely not me. She then rode me like a cowgirl and that my friends was the end of proceedings for that night. I am one lucky f****r to have found this girl. Dare I try her again tonight. I think I will have a few beers and ponder my options. Signing off, one very happy Mike in Bangkok escorts heaven!!!!

Day 9

So here we are on day nine and I will start by letting you know how things went last night. Nothing amazing really but from my point of view (and maybe a few other punters as well) I had quite a profound experience. What happened can be translated in one of two ways but I can’t seem to make up my mind into which of the following two categories last night’s liaison with a young Bangkok escorts girl should sit. For those of you who are familiar with the philosoper Maslowe’s Hierachy of Needs which orders chronologically man’s basic need for survival and beyond on this our planet Earth is the first category. I am not sure of exactly how it goes but it starts off something like: warmth, water, food and then goes on to things such as feelings of accomplishment, feelings of being wanted by members of your family, and loved by someone of the opposite sex, etc etc. It ends up with something right at the top of the scale called ‘self-actualisation. Roughly translated, this is something that some would argue is reaching such an emotional highpoint in your life that you could not feel any better about yourself. Ok, you get the idea. This state of ‘self-actualisation’ some would have you believe it could only be achieved by say a rock star giving the perfomance of his life in front of thousands of adoring fans or maybe a sportsman receiving the highest of accolades after winning a top trophy or race. I think that we can all achieve this state in our lives however humble we may be and it can be experienced many times in one’s life if you are lucky enough.

The second category of what happened to me last night could be termed as me being a dirty old man exhibiting an act of extreme depravity. I would like to argue that it falls into the former of the two afoementioned categories. (Well I would, wouldn’t I!!!) :-) If you are my age, (middle fifties) or even younger, I’m sure we all sometimes cast our minds back to our schooldays and think about our first sexual experiences. We think about the prettiest girls in our class who we could never have dreamt of getting a look into, or we may recall such a time in our years of pubity when our hormones were causing allsorts of confusion and strange feelings. During these our formative sexual awareness years we may look back at sexual incidents where we were fortunate enough to be in the arms of a lovely young girl with the opportunity to do whatever we so wished but were not quite sexually mature enough to carry out. I think you know what I mean. Girls we know develop sexually at a faster rate during times of pubescence than we guys so you may have been dating a girl in the same class as you but you weren’t, for whatever reason able to do with her what you would do as a fully-developed adult. Do you see where I’m coming from? I hope so or this will all be sounding a little weird. In other words you look back at some heavy petting with said girl from your class, which now you wished that you had taken further.ian

My writings are really meant to be about escorts from London – predominantly Asian and adventures in Thailand on the Bangkok Go-Go bars/escorts scene but when you have delved as far as I or I think anyone else for that matter has, you do tend to start think a bit too much about the profoundities of what we ‘naughty’ guys get up to. Ok, lets cut to the chase and let me tell you about last night, one of my most memorable punting experiences ever, either back at home with London Asian escorts or here in Thailand in their natural habitat. The night was drawing to a close at around 1am and I had had a really enjoyable time bar-hopping and met some really nice girls who were definitely on the frisky side. I was mauled and groped in quite a few bars but I was suffering from that problem you often get here in Bangkok, which is too much choice. I was just about to call it a night and go home alone when a pretty young girl beckoned me into her bar. She smothered me with kisses and had her hand up my shorts before I even had time to sit down and order a drink. I really did have to question her age as she looked very young even by Asian escorts standards. Her age turned out to be a genuine 18 as stated on her ID card and the picture on said card was most definitely her. Well, you can imagine what happened next. Back in my hotel room she was soon as nature intended and had the most gorgeous pair of pert, upturned breasts and she reminded me so much of missed opportunities in my youth. She was absolute perfection and snogged my face off for what seemed ages. This liaison had to be the zenith of all my punting experiences which you all know by now are well into the 200′s.

So, am I a dirty old man committing morally corrupt acts of depravity or am I someone that has experienced the best of what some will say the best thing that God could have created . . . SEX!!! I leave it up to you to decide or judge if you so wish. It’s 9pm the following evening now. Guess where I’m going!!!! Ha Ha. :-)

A disappointing end to my vacation

Well I’ll be damned if the last few days of my vacation weren’t nearly ruined with a very viscious bug that laid me up in bed until the night before my flight home. This was not your usual Bangkok Belly. It was quite a nasty attack of food poisoning. I had to seek the help of a doctor which is something I have never had to do in any of my eleven visits to Thailand. The pain in my stomach was pretty unbearable for ten hours but I gradually regained my health and on the last evening I felt that I could just about manage one last punt. I think this illness was maybe an omen telling me that I really should find a new destination for my next escort-centred holiday. watch this space . . . Anyway, I was sat in one of my favourite girl-spotting bars and on the side of the street amongst the ‘freelancers’ (girls not attached to bars or other establishments). There was this very pretty, slim girl who caught my eye. I watched her for a while and saw quite a few punters approach her and then she showed them her mobile and they walked away. What on earth was that all about? Only one way to find out!!! I settled my bar-bill (only mineral water for me at that moment) and then approached the aforementioned young lady. She also showed me her mobile and on the screen it said: ‘I am deaf’. Well, I thought, this would be a first. Communication is not the easiest at the best of times with these girls, but to be deaf I thought it would be nigh on impossible. It turned out a very nice experience and she was up for everything and we just communicated on her mobile screen in English. She really was a little sweety and I am so glad that I had this little cameo experience with a truely charming young lady. We even swapped numbers for future encounters. Anyway, that was that. Is this my last trip to Thailand for quite a while? I really think it should be. Thanks for reading, Mike.

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