Mata Returns

Mata Returns


If there was ever a girl likened to a yo-yo it has to be Mata. She come and goes and goes and comes. She is obviously a very indecisive young lady or one who has a private life that does not lend itself to that of stability. Anyway, that’s none of our business. The most important thing is that she is back in situ on her old stomping ground of Notting Hill, which as usual is awash with super high quality Asian escorts. Notting Hill seems to be a magnet for Asian Options girls who choose us to advertise their services.

The Girls

As well as Mata, we have Erica, Coco, Marina, Natalie, Tiffany, Lilly, Sabrina and the lovely TS girl Naomi. I’m uber confident that amongst this plethora of girls, there is something to suit all of our seasoned punters. If you have never tried Coco for instance, your punting life really is not complete. I’m told she has some great skills in the oral department. We have touched on Mata (obviously not literally) but her skills are legendary and don’t require further promotion.

Just Down the Road

Just down the road, about 3 minutes walk from Holland Park tube station a young lady namedLilly,who we all know and love has just taken up residence. Here is another young lady that simply is a must for a notch on your metaphorical bed-post. Her flatmate Sabrina is an absolutely lovely girl in every respect. Her sexy husky voice should be enough in the first instance to attract you and her somewhat shy demeanour is a smokescreen hiding a tiger in lamb skin. Sabrina really is the full package. So, what more can I say apart from get your backsides down to Notting Hill and give yourself a pre-Christmas treat. Maybe while the missus is doing the Xmas shopping you could nip off and have your fill before you fulfil all your devoted family- man duties for Christmas which I am sure you all will. I hope there are no wives reading this. They will have my guts for garters. Thanks for reading today’s blog, Ben - Asian Options.

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