Mass Exodus . . .

Mass Exodus . . .


You may have noticed during recent weeks that many girls have disappeared from the galleries of many agencies. This is indeed a fact, however, there are underlying reasons why this has happened. Many of you are aware that some of the girls working as Asian escorts in West and Central London, are capable of making a very good salary. This does of course attract unsavory characters who are green with envy and are determined to take advantage of these girls.

Out of action

We can happily report that certain such individuals have now been taken out of action. I obviously cannot go into too much detail, but with the help of the police and other agencies, the escorting environment is now a much safer place in which we can all operate. During this period of upheaval, many girls stopped working to help the situation. Unfortunately, many girls were hit very hard by these dreadful people and decided to return to their native homelands. Can I please ask you all to watch out for any signs that girls may be being mistreated and/or working against their own free will.


We have obviously had to say goodbye to many of our favorite girls, but rest assured, there will be others to take their place in the near future. There are, as in every walk of life, good people and bad people. There are of course good agencies and bad agencies. You don’t need me to tell you which is which. Good agencies’ number one priority is the safety and well-being of the girls who choose them to promote their escorting services. The bad agencies who are only in it for the money, regardless of the working conditions of the girls, have now hopefully all ceased to operate. This leaves a clean slate for all us good agencies to carry on where we left off. Asian Options will be steadfast and stick to our moral high standards whoever might try to interfere and make some of the girls’ lives unbearable.

We look forward to your continued support but PLEASE REMAIN VIGILANT to make sure that the episodes of recent weeks don’t befall us again. If there are any particular girls that you are concerned about, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail and I will give you as much information as possible whilst acting within the confines of the law and the high moral guidelines that we set ourselves.  Many thanks for reading today’s blog, Ben - Asian Options.

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