London escort girls

London escort girls



As mentioned on previous pages, escorting is all about service. Although this is mainly the case, there are many other criteria required to make a successful carrer out of escorting. As I have declared many times before, I have great experience in using the escort service London has to offer in great abundance, so am well-equipped to share my experiences with you.

On occasion, I have felt great pity for many an escort girl London has opened it’s doors to and only to find that London’s streets are not paved with gold. Girls have travelled from all corners of the world with the promise of a fortune to be made, only to find that that is not the case. I am referring mainly to girls who are just not attractive or pretty enough to work for a company that trade as a London escort service.

I don’t mean to be unkind, but some young girls think that all they need to be is female and willing to offer themselves up as sexy playthings. I’m sorry girls, you will go to all the trouble and expensive of travelling to London and then setting yourselves up in an expensive (are there any other kind) apartment, only to find that every prospective client walks away on meeting them. These young girls are often the kind that end up being mistreated by the people that have invested in bringing them here in the first place. After all,there are very few girls who can afford to come to London by their own volition without outside financial help.

The girls are brought here on the strength of some manky unprofessional photos that are in no way anywhere near a true representation of what they actually look like. It’s the responsibilty of every London escort service to ensure that this does not happen. Thankfully this kind of thing is very rare in the Asian escort community who, over the past decade, have been the benchmark by which all other agencies who purport to offer an escort service London can be proud of set their sights


Every escort girl London has to offer should be very pretty/attractive, have a nice figure and as mentioned in some detail on other pages on this website, offer an excellent service. That’s because it is a service that we agencies offer. We are not a dating agencies whereby you can get to know the girl slowly over several dates. Most customers want a wham bam thankyou mam service with a gorgeous girl who offers herself up freely in an adult concentual manner.

I am honour bound to promote the Asian escorts in London as at the end of the day, that is how I make my living. We at Asian Options strive to give a fantastic and quality service that is built on quite a few years of experience. Yes, we have made mistakes, but we would like to think that we have learned from them in pursuit of providing the best possible service that West and Central London has to offer. As Richard Branson most famously quoted: ” If you don’t make mistakes, you won’t make anything”.