Its’ Great To Be Back!!!

Its’ Great To Be Back!!!


Well, you probably haven’t even noticed that I’ve been off but it’s great to be back doing what I enjoy most,hooking you guys up with a great girl for some gentleman’s pleasure.  I’ve been quite ill but I won’t bore you with the details (thank God I hear you say)!!! I have of course been keeping a watchful eye on the London Asian escorts scene and have noticed quite a few changes. Namely, that there aren’t as many girls about as there used to be. Not quite sure what the reason for this is but luckily, we at Asian Options have managed to keep hold of a good few girls of the highest quality, well I would say that wouldn’t I but it really is the truth.There has been a noticeable change in the last few months with the numbers hopefully coming back to where they were a year ago. Fingers crossed.

During my convalescence period, I have been able to treat myself to a few holidays abroad and of course, once a punter, always a punter, so wherever I went, I tried to test out the local escorts situation with varying degrees of success. I do get an awful lot of punters writing to me with what I must admit are extremely well-written journals of their experiences when trying out escorts or ladies of the night in foreign lands. However, the problem I find is that their missives are a bit flowery, full of intimate and often quite unprintable content that sound more like a Punternet review by a hobbyist who has got a bit carried away and combined their writing skills with their alleged amazing experiences.

Not Easily Shocked

Obviously, having been in the adult entertainment industry and spent many, many hours on the receiving end of weird and wonderful requests whilst on reception duties, some of the accounts sent in, really do border on the wrong side of extremely controversial and dare I say it, quite disgusting. My fellow punters who send in these writings would be better off joining their local night school and joining a short-story writing course. 

Anyway, in the last few months, I have visited Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Krackow in southern Poland. Nothing too exciting happend but as usual, with my luck, there were a few incidents that I would sooner forget with embarrassment!!! In my next blogs I will write a short but hopefully quite informative narrative about my overall great times spent in these areas. It’s great to be back and ‘hands-on’ again and hearing from all you regulars who have stayed loyal to my agency during my absence. That’s about it for now until my next blog. Many thanks for reading, Ben - Asian Options.

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