incall and outcall  London escorts

incall and outcall London escorts


Asian escorts in London, UK

The UK and London in particular are awash with young ladies (and men) who are trying there luck at working as an escort. Whether they take on the great metropolis of our capital city and attempt to be an escort in London or try their luck in some  far-flung corner of the United Kingdom, the secret of being a successful escort is: Returning Customers. This is something  that should never be overlooked. As all escorts in London will tell you, without returning customers, you won’t last long. London escorts are a prime example. Being a London escort, you will very soon learn that there are many thousands of escorts  competing for the hard-earnt cash of London’s many users of this branch of the adult entertainment industry. In my experience  as a punter, I have come across many a London escort who may be very beautiful and have a body to die for. Not enough I’m  afraid. I’m confident that many a seasoned punter has come across this kind of escort and after the novelty of having sight  and access to a beautiful woman, the novelty soon whears a bit thin if she does not also provide a high level of service.

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Given that most customers are on the wrong side of forty and unable to pull nice girls the way they did in their younger years, levels of service are very high on the agenda. Girls who work as an escort in London, soon realise that there are not  enough punters to go round as London and also the rest of the UK for that matter has been deluged with lovely girls in the  escort industry. This underlies the importance for all people working as an escort in the UK that the three most relevant  things to steer you onto the path of success is service, service and service.

One bad review on and you have begun to make life very difficult for yourself. Ask any escorts in London who  have suffered this fate and they will tell you how they went from hero to zero in a very short space of time. I’m not  inferring that a London escort has to give a porn star performance every time a client walks through the door, but be  cheerful, polite, accommodating and deliver everything that you claim to offer on your profile. (This is of course only  applicable if your date becomes that of an intimate nature as indeed is any reference of an intimate nature referred to on  this website). Make the customer feel special for the duration of his visit and there is a good chance that he will return.
You never know, he may even write a good review about you on one of the London escorts or main UK website that specialize in genuine reviews submitted by clients.

So, there you have a brief insight into the world of escorting from a seasoned old punter such as myself to anyone considering working as an escort in the UK. In can be a very happy and safe environment in which a lot of money can be made

if you stick to the guidelines I have set out in this short message.