How can I know simply when a particular girl is available?

How can I know simply when a particular girl is available?


You may not want to go through all the rigmorole of calling us to find out whether a particular girl of your liking is available. To this effect, Asian Options has come up with a cunning plan, not a cunning stunt. act us by clicking here

Good idea methinks

We can then set you up with a number that when we receive as a Tweet, we know who you are, we know it is a convenient time to contact you, we know what girl you are interested in etc. etc. The questions that we will associate with the coded number you have Tweeted us with can then be answered by us simply sending the answers to the pre-determined questions you have set-up and associated with your unique coded number, immediately to your mobile phone without having to go through all the usual dealings with our in situ receptionist. This service is absolutely free of charge but we do understand that more-often-than-not your booking enquiries will need the help and guidance of our experienced receptionist (usually me!!!).

Good or bad idea?

This is the kind of scenario when it could be useful: You want to know what time Tiffany’s next available appointment is. You may be in a meeting or some other situation which is not conducive to booking the services of an escorts. You will simply Tweet your coded number, ie 913457 and we will immediately know that you want to know when Tiffany’s next available slot is. This information will then be texted to your mobile (cell) number and hey presto we can take it from there. Your requirement may be simple, as in the example above or you may want to know the life history of the escort you will be referring to. Makes know difference to us!!!.

What you fink guys? Maybe a few of you would like to try it and we see how we get on. I know it’s my idea, but I think i’s a good one. We shall see. Thanks, Ben - Asian Options.

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