Hoax Callers

Hoax Callers


To be realistic, our branch of the adult entertainment industry is where you would expect to get a fair share of hoax calls. The thing that really gets to me is that the idiots responsible think it’s a genuinely humorous thing to do. Now I don’t know about you but I would say that the perpetrators of these senseless acts have an extremely underdeveloped sense of humor. I had one yesterday which was an outcall, but only five minutes from the young lady concerned’s home address so not the end of the world. At the end of this pointless exercise the prankster added ‘ha ha’ on to the end of his final message. This low intelligence lowlife actually thought it was funny.


Of course things could have been a lot worse and the girl may have had to travel a long distance, but happily this was not the case. Trust me, I have heard some right horror stories of girls travelling even to Gatwick Airport, only to be met by a closed door. This particular hoax outcall was to a private residence. It is ultimately the agencies responsibility to put in place safe-guarding measures to stop this God awful practice. Therefore, we have now adopted the policy that all outcalls are hotels or regular, known private residences only. This way, we can actually call through to the customers room to ensure that it is indeed a bona fida booking. Asian escorts in London and indeed anywhere get enough muck thrown at them without having to deal with morons that make these false bookings.

On a more general note, you may have noticed that in recent weeks, a lot of girls have disappeared from Asian Escort agencies in West and Central London. There is nothing sinister happening, it’s just a coincidence that quite a few girls have called it a day and decided to return home to their native countries, namely, Thailand


There is of course a case of cause and effect at work here. Although there have been a few new girls arriving, there are in fact fewer girls to go round. I have noticed in my day-to-day duties that the importance to book early is now of even greater importance if you want to see the girl of your choice at the time of your choice. I know it’s the same old story of many punters liking to make spur of the moment decisions to visit one of our girls, but the days of plentiful girls appear to be over so a little forward planning may come in useful. Just letting you know the facts as they are. Many thanks, Ben - Asian Options.

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