Hello again . . .

Hello again . . .


I do apologise for not blogging in recent times. When you are young, you you feel invincible. When you get to your mid to late fifties you find out that you are human after all. With that comes the vulnerability to all the diseases associated with that age group. I have been seriously ill but am now fully-recovered and thankful to the NHS for prolonging my life even if I don’t deserve it!!! Lol.

I am sure that the Asian escorts fraternity haven’t missed me too much but I can assure you that I have missed being involved and inputting my usual enthusiastic efforts. Anyway, like it or not, I am back and full of enthusiasm to take up where I left off.


Obviously there have been many changes in personnel, too numerous to mention. However, I can promise you that for every girl who has disappeared off the Asian Option’s gallery, there has been an abundance of replacements. You just need to check out our main gallery to see that there are many gorgeous Asian escorts to choose from. No change there then.

One thing that I have noticed since I have returned is the amount of customers who ask for the ‘swallow’ service. As usual, I have to point out that this only applies to appointments that progress into that of an intimate nature. What’s that all about? Now, I’m no prude, but what pleasure can a guy get from a girl who swallows? Obviously they get some kind of ‘kick’ out of it but come on, isn’t that  a bit abusive? I would appreciate it if punters did not request this particular act, as it is both degrading and extremely unhealthy.

So, I am back with a rant, but it’s my website so I can write whatever I like!!! Lol. Thanks for reading, Ben - Asian Options.

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