Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms


In the world of escorting, abbreviations and acronyms are used to save space and also to describe adult acts of what may be of an intimate nature that may occur between two consenting adults in privacy behind closed doors. These acts may occur if an escort and her client’s relationship should develop into that of more than a platonic friendship. This list in no way implies that this agency is selling sexual acts, merely a guide to modern-day parlance as used by adult members of the public to which some members of the public may be unaware of. In this section we will attempt to include as many as we are aware of and to explain what these abbreviations and acronyms translate to. If there are any missing that we are not aware of, please use our Contact Section to share them with us and your fellow punters.

KWT: – This means ‘Kiss with tongues’ or also known as ‘French Kissing’. Although this may seem a fairly innocent act and expected of your escort, it is a very personal act and it is entirely up to the escort and customer to mutually agree whether this is included in your date. As a ‘rule of thumb’ it is usually ok as long as there are no oral hygiene issues but sometimes your escort may not feel inclined to indulge in French kissing for reasons personal to her. Please don’t be offended if this is the case as it is not a personal affront to you, the client, merely your escorts personal choice.

DATY: – This is an acronym that I believe emanates from our friends in the USA. It stands for ‘Dine at the Y’. In short, this means to perform oral sex on a young lady as opposed to her doing it to you. I think I see the logic behind this description but will leave it up to you to decide whether it is a good reflection of the sexual act that it implies.

OWO: – This term is an abbreviation which indicates a woman performing oral sex upon a man without the use of a condom.

BBBJ: – The same as above. This stands for ‘bare-back blow-job’.

A-Level: – This indicates that an adult girl is willing to perform the act of anal intercourse with a consenting male adult.

CIF: – This stands for ‘come in or on face’ whereby a girl accepts and enjoys the sexual act of a man ejaculating on her face. Generally, common-sense would dictate that the escort in question would protect her eyes and surrounding areas. 

Rimming:- This is the sexual act of one person licking with tongue in and around the anus of another person.

Facial:- This indicates the act of ejaculation by a man onto the face of a woman. It is advised that eyes are protected for this particular sexual practice for obvious reasons.

Snowballing:-  Hmmm . . . I have been informed that ‘snowballing’ is when the man ejaculates into the mouth of a woman and then whilst kissing the man she passes the fluid into the mouth of the man. Whatever stirs your gravy . . .

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