Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Is it legal to use the services of an escort?Yes. It is perfectly legal to pay for the services of an escort. When you use our agency to arrange an appointment with one of our girls, you are paying for time and companionship only, with the pre-arranged escort. Should anything more intimate than platonic friendship occur between yourself and the escort, then it is as consenting adults behind closed doors and has to be agreed by both parties as being appropriate and comfortable.

Why is a 30-minute booking not £75 when a one-hour booking is £150 - Well, the simple answer to this is that it’s a bit like how much we pay for an airline ticket. If you were to fly 2000 miles and pay £1000, you would not expect to fly 50 miles for £100. This is because you still need an aeroplane, pay the pilot and cabin crew, airport taxes etc etc. It’s exactly the same for any of our London Asian escorts. She still has to pay rent for her room and all the bills that go with modern living of which you must all be aware of unless you have been living under a rock for the past 100 years!!!! I don’t mean to be patronising by drawing this analogy but I am often asked this question by punters who seem to feel hard-done-by if they have to pay £100 for a 30-minute booking. I know that time is sometimes of the essence but it is usually much better to book anyLondon escorts for the full hour as 30 minutes can be a bit of a rush and the young lady concerned will feel that she is not able to offer the kind of quality service that she would be able to, if given the full hour to spoil you rotten and make your escorting experience as memorable as it should be. I would always look at it that 30-minutes is £100 but for only an extra £50 you can have twice as long. I hope this explains the reasoning behind our pricing structure and I believe that you will find it is the same as all other reputable London escorts agencies. As ever, all the above is presuming that your date becomes intimate which as two consenting adults  behind closed doors it is perfectly entitled to become so.

What if I don’t like the girl or am unhappy or uncomfortable with the premises when I arrive? – The first thing to do would be to contact our receptionist who has arranged the liaison to explain your misgivings. All of our girls’ photos that appear on their personal Gallery page are genuine and up-to-date and are a true reflection of who you will meet. We expect all of our escorts to provide a comfortable, clean and peaceful venue for the rendezvous to take place. If any of these things are not as you were led to believe, it is perfectly understandable for you to walk away after politely explaining to the escort concerned your reasons for not going through with the booking. We may be able to offer you an alternative appointment within close proximity or maybe you would just like to call an end to proceedings for the time being.

How do I pay my chosen escort?-It is essential that you pay your escort companion at thebeginning of your liaison. On arrival, when you are happy with the escort and her apartment, the young lady will expect you to pay her in cash. It is nice to hand her the agreed amount in an envelope although not obligatory. When the formalities are all out of the way you can start to relax and enjoy your time with your Asian Oriental escort. Our escorts do not have the facility to acceptcredit cards so please make sure you have sufficient funds to reimburse the young lady in cash on arrival. Our escorts do not expect a tip although if you feel that way inclined, please feel free to do so.

Are all services included in the price? – The answer to that is yes. At no point during your date with your Oriental escort will you be asked for any extra remuneration. If there are services that you require which are not listed on the escort’s personal page, just ask the receptionist during the booking process. This can be sorted out then. There is nothing worse than half way through your appointment, to be asked for extra money to receive a service which is not on the escorts list of services available, or has not been agreed upon before-hand. That could definitely kill the momentand detract from your escort experience.

Why is it so important for the agency to have your mobile phone number? – The majority of our customers have no qualms or problems about calling us on their cell phones and revealing their number. We are aware that due to the private and confidential nature that may surround your plans involved in visiting one of our London Oriental Asian escorts, you may feel a little uneasy or nervous in revealing your mobile phone number. We can assure you that after every successful booking, your mobile number will be deleted from all our records. At no time will we ever try to contact you on your number outside of the escort booking process. We will never call or text you to try and promote our escort business or for any other reason which we know could have embarassing consequences. One of the main reasons we need your mobile number is that sometimes, after you have made your escort appointment and received confirmation and address of your chosen escort, the circumstance of the escort may change. For instance, the landlord of her apartment may make an unannounced visit or she may receive an unexpected visit from friends or relations who are not aware of her chosen vocation as a London escort. In the event of this unlikely occurrence, we would need to contact you to make you are aware of the situation. There are a myriad of other reasons why we may need to contact you that are too numerous to mention . . . but I think you get the idea. What is the solution to this problem that some of you may have concerns about? . . . Its quite simple. You can by a very cheap mobile phone or purchase a SIM card that you only use for your visits to our escorts. We have found that this is the best way to allay any privacy issues you may have. You may have noticed that I mentioned ‘after every successful booking’. We do have certain clients that are not 100% gentlemanly in their conduct on visiting one of our escorts. In these circumstances, the client’s number would be saved to prevent him from making further bookings in the future, thereby preserving the safe and happy environment that every escort deserves the right to operate within. A bit of a long-winded answer, but very important that we are all clear on this issue and I hope it proves helpful in your continuing pursuance of the wonderful world of escorting!!!

How are taxi charges worked out for outcall? – Please note that listed outcall prices shown DOinclude the cost of delivering your chosen London Asian escort to your place of residence by taxi. This is based on the fact that you are within a reasonable distance from the escort’s place of abode. As I am sure you are aware, London is a big sprawling metropolis and a taxi journey can be quite expensive based on distance and traffic conditions. The receptionist who deals with your booking request will use their discretion and may request an extra amount to make sure your escort is not out of pocket due to a hefty taxi fare. We will not be asking for extra to take advantage of the situation, merely being practical and trying to ensure that your escort does not arrive in a less-than-happy mood due to a frustrating and expensive journey. Please do not be offended if this situation arises. Many thanks for your understanding in this matter - Ben, Asian Options.

Is it safe to be intimate with an escort from a sexual-health perspective? – In this day and age, sexual health and well-being are, and quite rightly so, consistently on the agenda and in the public eye, receiving attention from all areas of the media. Due to the personal and confidential nature of escorting, seeds of doubt can be sown in a client’s mind when considering using the services of escorts. I can safely say that all of the escorts advertising their services withAsian Options have a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to sexual intimacy, should your date lead to a liaison of this nature. There are many clinics, hospitals and other walk-in centres where the girls can and do go regularly to check the status of their sexual health. They do so with complete anonymity and usually these services are free of charge, hence all of our escorts actively use these services that are provided for girls working in the adult entertainment industry. In my opinion, I would say that you are more likely to fall foul of a sexually-transmitted disease if you were to engage with a girl in the more conventional environs of for example, pubs, clubs and other places where you are likely to form casual relationships with members of the opposite sex. If on any occassion you are offered sexual intercourse without the protection of a condom I think it is common-sense to realise that the young lady in question, whether an escort or not, would be in the habit of behaving in this manner on a regular basis and you would be leaving yourself open to any number of health risks. All said and done, for the reasons I have mentioned, I consider that using the services of escorts is generally safer from a health standpoint than casual encounters outside of the escorting arena. Happy (and safe) Punting!!! Asian Options.

What should I do  if I suspect or know that the escort I am seeing is underage or working against her own free will? - The solution to this is simple. Do not go through with the appointment and report your suspicions that your chosen escort is underage or working against her own free will, first to the agency that you have booked your escort/companion through and also to any other relevant authority. We at Asian Options would not condone this practice and always go to extreme measures to ensure that this is not the case of any young lady who advertises her services as an escort through our website or any other media through which we advertise escort services. For each and every liaison that we arrange between one of our escorts and a client we text the details – time, duration, and first name of client (which does not have to be the client’s real name, just a name which enables the escort to identify who is calling at her apartment – a password if you like). The escort then has the opportunity to accept or decline the appointment. If she accepts, she will text the receptionist at Asian Options that all is ok and the receptionist will proceed with arranging the booking by texting the address, time, duration etc. to the client.
Why would an escort refuse an appointment? – We at Asian Options are in no way racist. This can also be said of all our escorts. There are on occasion incidents where an escort would decline a booking purely on the mismatch of physicality. For instance a very large gentleman would not be suitable for a petite escort. It is always a good idea to mention any concerns with respect to physicality to the receptionist at Asian Options when arranging your appointment. This can prevent wasted journeys and sometimes awkward confrontations that not only waste the customers time but also that of the escort. Also, make sure that any special requests are mentioned, includingwhat you would like your escort to wear, whilst making your booking. Again, this all contributes to your escort experience being successful if discussed before the actual meeting with the girl. You may presume something that is not the case, but if cleared before-hand it would avoid the situation of an escort declining your appointment at the booking stage rather than on her doorstep.

Can I kiss the escort that I have arranged to see? – This can sometimes be a contentious issue. Normally your escort will be happy to engage in kissing with you as long as there are no oral hygiene issues. Kissing may seem like a very simple act and one you would expect to be ok with your chosen escort. However, kissing is seen as a very personal thing and it has to be agreed on between the two parties concerned. This can obviously not be guaranteed by us as an agency. Only on meeting your escort can this be agreed on. As mentioned before, it is normally ok but there may be occasions when your escort, for whatever reason, chooses not to engage in the act of kissing. If she chooses not to, please don’t take it as a personal affront, merely that the personal chemistry between you is not compatible.

What is ‘bait and switch’? – ‘Bait and Switch’ is the unscrupulous act of visually advertising an escort leading the customer/client to believe that this is the girl that will meet him on arrival at the girl’s address or the girl that arrives at his premises in the case of an outcall and at the time of meeting discovering that the escort seen in the photos is not the one that he has met. If this happens when booking from a certain agency, it is highly probable that this is a regular occurence with that particular agency. If you are ever the victim of ‘bait and switch’ it is recommended that you post a review on to warn fellow punters ensuring that they don’t suffer

the same fate.

Why is it important to be on time and punctual? – In modern times it seems that we are all very busy and our days are mapped out to a timetable to maximise efficient use of our valuable time. Escorts are no different. We at Asian Options understand that sometimes busy schedules are interrupted by unexpected events. All that we would ask is that if you have booked an appointment to see one of our escorts and your plans change, please let us know. All of our escorts work to a diary system to ensure that they are ready and waiting for you at the time of the pre-arranged appointment. The escort will have prepared her apartment, put on her make-up and spent time to prepare to ensure that your time spent with them is extra special. If you fail to turn up without letting us at Asian Options know, not only has all the preparation gone to waste, but also she will have been blocked out from taking a booking from someone who would have turned up. All we ask is a quick text or call to let us know that you cannot fulfill your appointment as soon as you aware that this is the case. No one will be terse or angry with you – on the contrary - we will be very grateful that you have taken the trouble to let us know. Primarily though, it is showing the escort concerned, respect and recognition of the value of her time as well as your own. Many thanks for your co-operation in this matter. 

Why would I be asked to pay more than the listed price for an outcall? – The price listed for an outcall is based upon your escort’s place of abode being +/- 3 miles from where you would like her to meet you. Please don’t be offended if your booking is for the minimum of one hour and your escort has to travel more than 3 miles and you are asked to pay a bit extra to cover her taxi expenses. As I am sure you are aware, London is a busy city and 3 miles along it’s busy streets can take quite a while depending on traffic conditions. If asked to pay a little extra to take into account taxi expenses your receptionist is merely try to cover the escorts expenses to make it worth her while and ensure that she arrives with a smile on her face and not in a less-than-good mood because she has had a frustrating and expensive journey. We look forward to your co-operation and understanding in this matter. There is a note at the bottom of the main Gallery Page explaining this in more detail.

Why do I have to give my surname when booking an outcall to my hotel? – Any escort or escort agency will tell you bad stories that have happened to them in the past when arranging outcalls. Some members of the public with very low intelligence levels and even lower levels of a sense of humour have too much time on their hands and think it is somehow amusing to make a fake outcall. This can involve sending the escort miles away, only to find that the booking was a hoax. Others like to try and play pranks on their friends and send an escort to their friends’ home or hotel room (often with their wives or partners present) and think it is a great laugh. It’s not!!! Apart from all the time and money that the escort will have invested to fulfill the appointment, it’s just not funny for someone to have to try and talk their way out of an incriminating situation. If you are staying in a hotel and want to book an escort, the receptionist may ask you for your surname or the name in which the room is booked under. Some hotel receptionists and switchboard staff will only put the call through to the room if they have this information which is quite reasonable if you don’t want to receive calls from undesirable sources. Our receptionist will not state that they are calling from an escort agency, merely ask to speak to Mr Smith, for example, and make contact with you in your room. This validifies the booking and also guarantees that we are sending your escort to the right hotel. Many hotels in London have similar names, especially branded hotels such as Holiday Inn and it is quite easy to send your escort to the wrong place. Our receptionist will locate the hotel you are staying at on the internet and will obtain the correct telephone number. This ‘belt and braces’ approach is the way we at Asian Options work and have found it to be the most efficient. As usual your confidentiality is of prime importance to us and as with all bookings, any information you give us is not stored or recorded in any way after the successful outcome of the booking.

Why would my mobile number be saved or not saved by the agency? - Obviously confidentiality is key to the success of happy punting. We do state that your number will be deleted after every successful booking. This is because should I be so careless as to lose my mobile, no numbers of customers would be available to whoever may find the offending mobile. Many customers send in a text and request a booking and are somewhat hurt that I don’t remember who they are. Even if I were to save all of Asian Options valid clients numbers, my mobile would be so full of contacts that it would grind to a halt. Hence, when texting through a booking please state your name, the name of the girl you would like to see, for how long and at what time. On receipt of that information your booking request can be expeditiously processed without me have to text you back and seek further information. On the other side of the coin, we do have to save customers numbers if there has been a problem during the booking ie ungentlemanly conduct or even worse. We are then immediately aware of the caller and will not answer the call. For serious misdemeanours, mobile numbers will be forwarded to other agencies to protect the girls from potentially harmful customers. Another scenario may that the girl does not strike up a good relationship with a certain customer and would prefer not to see him again but that does not mean that that customer cannot make a successful booking with another escort with whom everything works out well. All this falls under the umbrella of the agencies prime function and responsibility of keeping the girls happy and safe in their working environment which of course they have every right to be.

What should I do if I am not happy with the situation during my appointment? -Well, an analogy I often use is that when seeing any of our London Asian escorts is a bit like going to an expensive restaurant and quite rightly expecting to have an amazing meal.99 times out of a hundred you will have a really good experience when visiting one of Asian Option’s escorts (or indeed an escort from another reputable agency). If this were not the case, this industry as we know it would not have flourished as it it most certainly has over the past few years. Hands-up any of you who have been to a classy restaurant and have not been entirely happy with the meal/service. I suspect nearly everyone. This I would presume is also the case with the Asian escorts London scene. It has certainly happened to me personally. So, how do we deal with this unexpected situation should it occur. We at Asian Options feel we always go the extra mile when trying to pair you up with one of our escorts. As with many other situations in life, our escorts are only as good as there last appointment and this. We obviously get to know all the girls levels and quality of service as time goes by. What you do have to take on board is that the girls are human beings and none of them are perfect. It is not like going into a supermarket and buying a tin of baked beans where you know for sure what you will get on opening the tin. There have been occasions when an escort has an impeccable track record and we have recommended her to a customer on that basis. After the appointment  the customer has called me to say that the appointment was a complete disaster and accused me of lying and given me a right old ear-bashing, threatening never to use our agency again and to write bad reviews to that effect on various ‘review’ websites. Fair enough. I can understand through personal experience that there is nothing worse than parting with your hard-earned cash and then have a torrid time with your chosen escort. Recently I had a customer tell me that he had had such an experience. The escort in question had complained that she was tired and unable to perform some of the services advertised on her personal profile page. We do stress to all our girls that if they are not in a position (for whatever reason) to give of their best, they should call in and say they need to take a rest. Indeed, we openly encourage all our escorts to take a few days off every week to re-charge their batteries and remain fresh and healthy and able to give 100% during all of their bookings. Unfortunately our escorts sometimes choose to ignore our advice and carry on regardless of however tired they may be feeling. They are, like the majority of us, driven by the need to pay rent, bills etc. So, what to do in this rare situation? Firstly, tell the girl how you are feeling. If you do not get the required response, call us at Asian Optionsand we will do our utmost to rectify the situation. My normal reaction would be to tell your escort to give you all the money back and just put it down to one of those things. I will then offer you a discount off your next booking. I would also reiterate to the escort the importance of giving her best service at all times as with reputable restaurants, the better the meal, the more chance of the customer returning for more of the same. The Asian escorts London scene is driven by the same ideal. If you do find yourself in this situation, please bare in mind what I have said and when the initial frustration and anger has subsided, we can sort everything out.

Specific services Although we try to keep up-to-date on all the services our escorts offer,should your date with her become intimate, escorts do from time to time change their mind about what they will and won’t do. All of our girls have the option to act as they see fit when involved with another consenting adult behind closed door. Our escorts are only human and sometimes add or retract services that they offer. Also, being human, they will sometimes forget to inform us atAsian Options. If there is a specific service that you require, even if it is listed as what is on offer, it is always a good idea to mention this service so that we can ask if it is still on the menu.

Lesbian escorts – Many girls working as escorts describe themselves as lesbian or bi-sexual or even bi-curious.Going by past experiences, it is not quite as simple as that. We find that many London Asian escorts are not 100% sure of their sexual orientation. It may even be the case that they change their minds and go one way or the other. They may be perfectly happy to perform acts of a lesbian nature with some friends but not others. We at Asian Options have done our best to nail-down and accurately advertise the sexuality of our escorts. Having said that, due to the often ambiguous intentions of the girls, it is always best to double-check before proceeding to book duos that claim to be lesbian or bi-sexual. Some duos that have successfully been outstanding lesbian duos, can, all of a sudden withdraw from their duo status. They are only human after all and sometimes have falling-outs with friends and are are unable to continue with that particular double-act. Golden rule is always to ask but don’t be surprised if that particular lesbian duo is now not available. Newduos are constantly appearing on our duo gallery.  

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