Disrespect . . .

Disrespect . . .


If there’s one thing that really annoys me, it’s punters disrespecting girls who work as Asian escorts in London or anywhere else for that matter. I had a regular customer, not sure if he is still my customer now after what I did to him as payback. Every time he booked a girl he was late. It was always ‘I’ll be 15 minutes late, then 20 minutes then 30 minutes then 45 minutes then I promise I will be there in 10 minutes then I’m nearly there then just parking’ and so on and so on.

So, as this became a regular pattern, I said to him in the nicest possible way ‘why don’t you allow for all the things that make you late and come up with a realistic arrival time in the first place?’ He agreed to this but whatever time he arranged to see the girl, he still turned up an hour late. He even had the cheek to ask me when recommending a girl, that I suggested one that was happy and not miserable. Now, any London Asian escorts girl, know matter how cheerful her normal disposition, would get highly annoyed at this kind of behaviour.

Last Booking

I can imagine the scenario in which these guys are in when they book a girl which will probably be the last booking of their day. They are probably with mates, having a good time, taking recreational substances, whatever, but have no respect whatsoever for the poor girl who is patiently awaiting their arrival. This behaviour is so arrogant, no matter how regular the customer, I would be happier if he did not use my agency. However, I did something that was a first for me and hopefully the last. I decided to play him at his own game.

The young lady involved and I agreed that if he was a minute over one hour late, we would cancel him. We had the usual apologies for running late, so, when he was exactly one hour late, I sent him a text to say that his Oriental escort was tired of waiting and had gone to bed. However, he carried on sending me texts of his progress even after I had told him that his appointment had been cancelled. He was so arrogant that he thought however late he was, the girl would be sat there, patiently waiting for him. He even sent me a text telling me that he would definitely be no more than 5 minutes and then another text to say that he was parking.

Wasted Journey

When he realised that he had made a wasted journey he asked me what on earth he was going to do now, intimating that he wanted me to book him in with another of our very ‘respectable’ Asian escorts. Needless to say, I haven’t heard from him since, indicating and making out that I was the ‘bad guy’.

Well, I would sumise that he has gone off to annoy another agency with his arrogant antics. I just wonder if people like that ever sit and ponder when they have a quiet moment, about the way they treat people? This particular customer obviously didn’t work in a ‘customer care’ environment or if he did, why on earth did he behave the way he did when making appointments to see one of our lovely girls. As I say, disrespecting any of our escorts is something I just can’t and won’t tolerate.

Sorry if my latest blogs have all been moaning rants, but I have to get it off my chest somehow!!! I promise that my next blog will be about my escorting (and other) experiences I had when visiting Rio de Janeiro. Thanks for reading, Ben - Asian Options. 

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