Carnival Time!!!

Carnival Time!!!


This week we welcome two new young ladies that are Monaliza and Piano. I’m not sure who dreams up these working names for the girls but I think they do sometimes lose their efficacy in translation. But hey, the name is not important. It’s what these two lovely young ladies have to offer service-wise. That is what is of the utmost importance. They are, as I have mentioned, new on the scene, but early reports suggest that they are more than capable of delivering you, the punter, a memorable date.

Monaliza has an obvious asset which is clear for all to see and that is her 36dd statistic which is quite rare for a girl from South East Asia. Piano is also not wanting in that department but also has the added advantage of being based in Liverpool Street which is very convenient if you are a City worker and need to utilise your lunch hour other than doing a crossword or making the trip to your local wine bar. Anyway, enough said about these two escorts who we hope will bring some happy times to the London Asian scene.

Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend is obviously a bank holiday weekend and we see this as a good opportunity to broaden your horizons and sample the delights of one of our young Asian beauties. If you happen to be planning a visit to the Notting Hill area and join in the fun of the carnival I would like to remind you of the fact that we have quite a presence in this area. if you get a bit bored with the carnival proceedings, you could always take time out and meet one of our Notting Hill escorts. The pick of the bunch are undoubtedly Coco, Marina, Demi and Tiffany who are actually based on the main Bayswater Road, so very accessible. To make an appointment to cap off your day, call Asian Options on - 07516 118 440 / 07780 803 807.

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