Calmer waters . . .

Calmer waters . . .


After all the recent upheavals of Asian escort agencies disappearing in their droves, we at Asian Options believe that calmer waters now prevail. I obviously can’t go into too many details. In fact, I have very limited details to go into as I tend to keep myself to myself and not buy into the general gossip that floods the environs of all things Asian escorting that occur in West and Central London.

I would now like to assume that all the dead wood and ne’er do wells who peopled our branch of the adult entertainment industry have been eradicated from the scene and it’s just the good guys who now prevail. In what can be a quite lucrative financial arena, it comes as no surprise that individuals and groups who don’t have the best interest of the girls at heart, prey on the more vulnerable of escorts who are trying to earn an honest living in a very competitive market.


Indeed, you may have noticed a groundswell of new girls appearing on our website. This I believe is indicative of a bright future for things moving forwards. Escorting has never been safer for girls and customers alike after the recent purges that have taken place. You can now punt, safe in the knowledge that the agencies that are left are run by persons with integrity and their number one priority is the comfort and safety of the girls, which is paramount in their professional agendas.


None of my blogs would be complete if I didn’t include the polite intention to educate both veteran and new punters alike. Outcalls have always been a bone of contention. Yes, there can be no greater pleasure than having one of our Asian escorts arrive at the door of your hotel or private residence. However, as usual, I have to point out that there are logistics involved that have in the past proved quite annoying to you, our valued customers.

Firstly, we have to allow at least 45 minutes from your initial booking inquiry before your chosen date arrives at your premises. This time can of course increase when taking into account London’s infamous traffic problems. All I would say is that it would be greatly appreciated by the girls and our staff, here at Asian Options, if you can give us as much notice as possible to get things arranged. Not always possible I know, but please do your best.

Secondly, outcall prices are based on your location being within three miles of the young lady in questions place of residence. Please don’t expect the price to be £200 for one hour if the she has to travel five or six miles before she graces yourself with her company. Any extra surcharges are only based on excessive taxi fares and the amount of time it takes for her to get to you. If you want a happy and smiley escort to arrive on your doorstep, please take all these things into consideration. I have to say that the vast majority of you are very understanding when it comes to some of the hurdles involved in arranging outcalls. We really do appreciate this. You can always call us to discuss this in more detail. Many thanks as ever for your attention to these relevant issues. Happy punting, Ben - Asian Options.

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