Brazilian Escort Experience

Brazilian Escort Experience


I wish I could say that my trip to Brazil was full of adventure and intrigue but I’m afraid that wasn’t the case. Five years ago, it might have been a different story, but with the upcoming Rio Olympics there has been a major crack down by the police to make certain that all visitors don’t see a seedy side of life in Rio de Janeiro. When I first researched my trip to Rio which was about five years ago, the sex industry was booming but a lot of the publicity was directed at under-age prostitute and quite rightly so.

Of course there have always been escorts in Rio but most transactions took place on the streets. The punter and the girl would agree on what is euphamisticly known as a ‘program’. There was a documentary on the subject a while ago and some girls under the age of 12 were involved and interviewed by our friends at the BBC. When asked the reason for selling herself for sexual purposes at such a young age, one girl disclosed that she made a considerable amount of money. However, the majority of her earnings were spent on Methamphetamine (Ice) and not to help her family who lived in one of the shanty towns that circle the port town of Rio de Janeiro.


This is a doubly tragic example of how things were not so long ago. Prostitution and drugs at such a young age. Unbelievable. When I hear certain viewpoints from pious individuals who criticize the London Asian escorts scene as being immoral, I urge them to watch this documentary and see what genuine exploitation really looks like. In all my dealings with the Thai escorts community in London (I have been involved for ten years, first as a punter, then married to one and now an agency proprietor) I have never witnessed a girl being treated badly or who was being controlled or working against her will. Anyway, as usual I digress.

I stayed in a very comfortable hotel on Copacabana beach and from there went in search of some escorts action. It was very spartan to say the least as far as the street scene was concerned. There was always one restaurant where all the girls would gather and that was the hotspot for choosing your young lady for the evening. It was as if a different restaurant every night featured as the place to go to to pull. Maybe there is an unwritten rule that all restaurateurs take it in turns to host the girls to enable all of them to share in the lucrative trade that would be generated by the girls presence.

Robbed Again!!!

I indulged on two nights and I have to say that the fayre offered up was pretty average. There were a few really stunning girls but they always seemed to get snapped up as soon as I made my move. Anyway, the procedure is that when you have chatted up the young lady of your choice, she will then take you to a hotel room which is all pre-arranged with the hoteliers, you spend a few hours with her, pay about £70 in total and that is it. I’m not sure if there is a so-called ‘Red Light District’ in Rio. If there is I failed to stumble accross it.

The only other thing of note that happened to me was that I got robbed not once but twice!!! When will I ever learn?!!! The first time, I was walking along the promenade of Copacabana Beach and I was approached by three girls who were looking for ‘business’. As one of them talked to me, one of the others, a girl who was only about five feet tall started to rub her crotch against my thigh which totally distracted me. She was rather gorgeous. After leaving them, a guy came up to me and suggested that I check my wallet which I always keep in the side pocket of my manbag. Sure enough, £450 had disappeared and I should imagine a certain three girls had quite an enjoyable at my stupid expense.


Make no mistake, Rio is full of petty criminals and pickpockets. The second time, I had just had a swim and was lying on the beach with my head resting on my manbag, drying off under the beautiful Brazillian sunshine. A black guy tapped me on the knee and indicated that he wanted something but he spoke in Portuguese so I didn’t really understand him. He then used his hands to translate to me that he wanted a cigarette which I was happy to oblige. I turned around and my manbag was gone, obviously taken by his friend who he was working with.

Sensibly I did not have any valuables in my bag because I thought that if I were to be robbed, it would happen whilst I was swimming in the sea. They only got away with obviously my bag, about £10 in cash and my cigarettes so no real great harm done.So my friends of the Asian escorts London variety, that was my pretty boring account of my time in Rio. The two punts were good and exploring the sites around Rio was great, particularly the guided tours around the Favellas (poor districts) but if you want to go there and experience the full blown escort experience, Brazilian style, I suggest you do a bit more research than I did. Hopefully my next blog will be a bit more interesting, as I plan to visit bangkok again very soon. Thanks for reading, Ben - Asian Options.

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