Book Early!!!

Book Early!!!


Now I know what you are all thinking. You are thinking that I am asking you to book early to make my life easier. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m afraid it’s a case of having to deal with what is there. Not what we would like to be there. There has been a big change in the dynamics of escorting in West and Central London. Whether it’s through natural wastage or if it’s a trend for the immediate future, the fact is, there are fewer girls to choose from at this moment in time.

These trends are normal and will of course even themselves out in the end. Therefore, please don’t think that this is anything but a trend. I have been in this business for many years and have seen it happen many times. It’s nothing new to Asian Options or any of the other popular agencies.

Not Easy

Of course, I do realise that all our lives are different and it’s not easy to plan in advance for many of you. However, the situation is such that if you can arrange your diary in advance, you will have a much better chance of seeing the girl of your choice. Also at the time of your choice. The most popular girls are now getting booked up regularly a day in advance. Sometimes a few days in advance. 

I would say from experience, that the majority of you guys don’t know what you will be doing from one hour to the next, hence, can only make appointments to see our girls on the spur of the moment. This will still be ok but I think you get my drift.

Popular Girls

We all know who are the popular girls. However, there are a few more coming through the ranks who can lay claim to being placed in the category of ‘popular’. Julia in Paddington is one such girl. She is certainly blazing a trail and looks like becoming a firm favourite.

So, there you have it my friends. This is the situation as it now stands so please, if you possibly can, plan your diaries so that you can book a little more in advance than you normally do. I’m sure with a modicum of concerted effort, a bit of forward planning is not beyond the realms of possibility for the majority of you. Thanks for reading my blog, Ben - Asian Options. 07516 118 440 / 07780 803 807. Call or text us on this number (don’t forget to mention your first name so your chosen date knows who to expect) and we will do the rest.

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