Bad Night in Bangkok

Bad Night in Bangkok

Sent in by Daniel from Cheltenham
I haven’t been to Bangkok for a few years but this was my 13th visit so I think I can consider myself quite clued-up on the subject of all things that are relevant when it comes to having a good time with all the Bangkok escorts bar girls. I’m sure that what I’m about to tell you is an isolated incident but I just wanted to point out that you still need to take care of your hard-earnt cash and that the possibilities of getting totally ripped-off, no matter how seasoned a punter you are, are still exist.
I have had the odd experience of not being totally happy after paying the bar fine for a girl but who hasn’t? I would say that 95% of the liaisons I have had have worked out pretty well. From average to mind-blowingly, life-changingly brilliant. The fact that Bangkok has been the destination for my last 13 holidays speaks volumes in itself. I’ve never had such a bad experience that I felt the need to share it with you guys as I’m quite sure you all have a modicum of common sense and know what to expect after a few visits to this fantastic city . . . . Until now. This incident simply has to be documented as it was so bad, I would hate for any newcomer to be put off by my experience early in December 2015.
Walking ATM machines
I am fully aware that the girls working in the bars in Bangkok and indeed all over Thailand need to make money and the majority need that money to help their families. However, there are lines that should not be crossed in the pursuit of financial reward. Yes, I know the girls see us guys as walking ATM machines and as long as we all understand that, everything should be ok. Obviously, many of us develop stronger feelings for some girls and some girls strike up relationships with some of us and see us as more than a cashcow. That’s fair enough and all seasoned punters know the pitfalls of going to far in this direction.
The incident that I am going to tell you about is hopefully a one-off and that there has not been a dramatic sea change concerning the girls’ attitudes towards us.
It was my last night of a 14-day stay in Bangkok and up until this point I had had the usual fantastic time. I thought I would have a real no-expenses spared night out, and push the boat out with a heavy night in one of my favourite bars in Nana Plaza entertainment complex on Soi 4, just off the Sukhumvit road.
I think it’s pretty safe to say that we have all at one time or another lost control of our wallets and common-sense (not a good combination I know) but hey, we are only human. I wandered into a quite busy bar that I had not frequented before. There were about 30 Thai escorts working as go-go dancers that evening along with all the usual hostesses. I was immediately approached by a lovely girl and we went through all the usual pre-emptive small talk and I bought her a drink. It seemed that Tequila was the beverage of choice that night as it often is. I presume that it’s because it’s strong and doesn’t take long to drink so the girls don’t get too bloated and can immediately ask for another one.
Anyway, after a while her friend joined us and after buying them about 4 drinks each I made up my mind which one I was going to take back to my hotel for my last night’s entertainment. There was no problem with this amongst the girls about who I had chosen. They were both quite happy as I was plying them both with copius amounts of Tequila. Then, as sometimes happens, I was in such a good mood that I started buying drinks for nearly everyone in the bar, even the hostesses. It turned into quite a party and although I was perfectly aware that my bar bill was going to be humoungous, I did not care as I was having such a great time. You know the feeling, being swamped by loads of pretty young girls, some of them very close to ripping my clothes off. I felt like a king with his hareem.
A bit strange
I’ve done this quite a few times before and it really is a great feeling as long as you understand it is not reality and all you are actually going to end up with is an almighty hangover and an empty wallet the next morning. So, at 2am the bar promptly closed and my chosen young lady went backstage to change ready to accompany me to my hotel. I was presented with the bar bill which was in excess of £100 but you can spend that on a night out back home and not have nearly as much fun. I did notice one thing a bit strange though. Included in the bill was the price for a short-time (2 hours) for the time my young lady was going to spend in my hotel room with me. I thought, fair enough, it’s a bit unusual but I went along with it anyway.
So, the scene is set. Had a classic great night in a Bangkok Go-Go bar. I thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention for three hours and everyone concerned had a great time. Also, I would imagine that the majority of girls and staff working in this particular bar, had had a much better than average financial evening with all the lady drinks I had bought contributing to enhance their often meager wages. Left the bar with my chosen young lady and was looking forward to capping off my holiday with a pleasant few hours in the company of said girl in my hotel room. What could possibly go wrong?
Turned sour
Unbelievably, things started to turn sour. now, I wasn’t expecting two hours of rigorous action. Just a nice friendly naked kiss and couple with the happy ending taking it’s natural course. Not much to ask I think the majority of you would agree? No, that is most definitely not the way it ended up. What followed was probably the worst experience I have had to endure in all of my 14 visits to Bangkok and probably over 150 liaisons with different girls the length and breadth of Thailand.
When we entered my hotel room all seemed well. We had had a little kiss and cuddle in the elevator so I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be one of those situations where the girl is uber happy in the bar, but then, on arriving at your hotel room, her mood changes and she feels that she just has to go through the motions, collect her financial remuneration and goes off on her merry way and if possible, depositing her hard-earned wonga into her account at the nearest ATM. This is something I always advise the girls to do as walking around with large amounts of cash in any major city in the world at 03:00am is probably not the best of ideas.
One thing that was bugging me slightly though was the fact that I had already paid for her private time which was included in the bar bill, which was something I had never encountered before. I admit that I have not been to Bangkok for two years and I sincerely hope that this is not the norm now. Surely, if you pay the girl before her private time, she will somewhat lose the incentive to provide the level of service that for seven years I had come to expect. I thought no worries, and I told her if she made me happy I would give her a big tip
A whole load of trouble
It was the last night of my holiday and I was extremely tired so wasn’t wanting too much anyway. And that’s exactly what I got. In fact I got nothing but a whole load of trouble. On entering my hotel room I was the perfect gentleman. Offered her a drink, asked her what channel on the TV she would like to watch, made sure she was happy, relaxed and comfortable and told her I would go and take the obligatory shower.
Whilst in the shower, I started to hear some strange noises coming from the bedroom. My young lady had started to shout and moan which reached a crescendo to the point where it sounded as if she was in some sort of physical pain. Now, the last thing you want to have emanating from your hotel room in Bangkok is the sound of a girl shouting and screaming as if she was in some sort of physical danger. I wondered how long it would be before I got a knock on the door from either one of the hotel staff or a guest in one of the adjacent rooms.
I leapt out of the shower in a state of panic, wondering what on earth was going on.It became apparent to me that she was suffering from the effect of having drunk too much Tequila far too fast than was good for her. This is something that I had not really thought about and was most unexpected. My usual train of thought is that if a girl works in a Go-Go bar, she is well-versed in knowing her drinking limits. On this occasion I was very wrong. I think the majority of us can cast our memories back to that first time when we got so drunk that know matter what you did, the room keeps spinning and you feel very sick and it’s quite a scary situation to be in.
I think in the case of my young lady this was probably the cause for all her anguish and irrational behaviour. I don’t know what else was going on in her head, but she had most definitely cast me as the villian in her dilemma. I tried to put my arms around her and comfort her but she just told me to ‘fuck off’. I put this down to the fact that this time was the first occasion that she had experienced ‘room spinning’ drunkeness and she was bereft of any rational thought. I could not believe that this girl who only an hour ago was all over me, snogging with tongues and being so sweet had metamorphasised into this raving lunatic, screaming her head off as if she was being murdered.
By this time, I had a handle on what was occurring and summoned up the presence of mind as to what to do. I called another girl who worked in the bar opposite to my current guest. I have known her for years and she knows that whenever I go to Bangkok I would always spend a few days with her and then flit off to enjoy some other young ladies. It was a great relationship and I felt quite confident that she would know what to do and be more than happy to help me in my current predicament. I also called another friend of mine with whom I had a similar relationship. I thought better to call two potential rescuers just in case the first was not available.
Bless them, they both arrived within 20 minutes. Unfortunately things had taken a turn for the worse by the time they arrived. My young lady had taken to hitting her head on the coffee table and acting as though she was in some sort of psychotic episode. Her attitude towards me could only be described as ‘hateful’. Was she inflicting pain on her head to make out that I had been physically harming her, or was it just out of frustration for this new kind of being drunk that she had as yet not experienced? It was all getting quite serious and at that point in time, I had no idea how this would transpire. I had thoughts fleeting through my mind that I could end up in a Bangkok prison for assaulting my young lady. Shit, this was getting out of hand.
A plan
I felt a modicum of comfort now that I had my two friends with me but we had to make a plan to end this debacle of a situation. I didn’t have a clue what to do as I was still in a state of mild panic as I had never been in this kind of situation before.
The friend who had arrived and who I was much closer to took charge of the situation. She recommended that her and myself would go back to the hysterical girl’s bar and see what the Mamasan (manager) of the bar had to say about the evenings events. She was a lady boy but she was absolutely huge and there was no way I wanted to get on the wrong side of her. She would have flattened me if things got physical!!!
Now, the Mamasan was quite aware of everything that had gone on in the bar earlier in the evening. She new that I had been the centre of attraction as I was really flashing the cash and probably contributed to a very healthy takings total for this particular evening so I was expecting her to see the story from both sides and empathise with me and agree that I was most certainly not the bad guy in this matter. When my friend and I arrived at the bar, the Mamasan was sitting in this great big chair, more like a throne. I think she sat in this chair for the whole of her shift just to be an intimidating presence in case things ever got out of hand.
Sting operation
I obviously allowed my friend to do all the talking and after she had recounted the story to the mountainous Mamasan, the said Mamasan did not seem to bat an eyelid and my friend said that in this kind of situation it was best to buy the Mamasan and a few of her cronies a drink (like I hadn’t spent enough that evening) while she deliberated on what was the best course of action. This bar seemed to be determined to clear me out of cash and made sure that they got every single Baht out of me before I flew home the next day. Let this be a warning to you less-experienced inhabitants of the Bangkok bar scene. Don’t be so openly ready to spend large amounts of money in any bar and be seen to do so, as there is every chance that you will be set up for a sting operation, as in hindsight, this is what I had fallen victim to.
So we calmly sat there (my friend from another bar and me) and waited for some kind of a solution from the Mamasan. She showed absolutely no need for urgency to resolve the matter. As the manager of the bar, I would have thought that she would have been highly concerned over well-being of the young Asian escort back in my hotel room who was in fact committing acts of self harm by banging her head on the coffee table in my hotel room. By this time I was in a state of panic and nearly lost it but I new this would have had a negative effect on matters and cast me in the role of villian which I think would have suited my adversaries in this sorry tale. My friend suggested I buy another round of drinks, which is what I think the Mamasan was pushing for.
Shortly after this my friend/interpeter told me that I would have to bar fine one of the hostesses who was a personal friend of the Go-go dancing girl who was in my hotel room. I couldn’t believe how ruthlessley I was being taken to the cleaners financially. So, after gulping down my last double scotch (believe me, I needed to be on something very strong to stop me losing my rag) my friend, the hostess and myself finally left the bar and made our way back to my hotel room.
The uninitiated
To the uninitiated among you who are not aware of the bar fine system, it is money you pay to take your chosen young lady from the bar where whilst she is there is considered to be earning money for the establishment by dancing on the stage and getting bought drinks by punters of which she will get a percentage and the rest goes to the bar as profit. This whole concept is great and has worked well for many years but I felt that the system was being seriously abused in my case. I do hope that this is not now endemic among the Bangkok bar scene. Fair enough, it’s only on average £10 but this was still a pisstake having to bar fine a hostess to sort out a mess that was nothing I had done wrong.
We arrived back at my hotel room (a five-minute walk) and the girl was still screaming and shouting as though she was being physically harmed and by the marks on her forehead, it would appear that she had been try to injure herself more in my absence even though my other friend was with her, trying to calm her down. I think the catalyst of events was when she was violently sick and without wanting to be too graphic, the volume was immense. I’m sure that those of you (which I expect is the vast majority) who have suffered from head-spinning and nauseous incidents such as this, will remember that actually vomiting is the best thing that you can do to get rid of the seemingly unescapable awful symptoms of drinking too much, too quickly.
The final insult
After she had emptied the contents of her stomach she seemed to metamorphasis into a much calmer state and after a few drinks of water she then turned on me and listed her demands. Now, I am a very relaxed and laid back bloke but what she wanted was nearly enough to make me physically pick her up and throw her out of the window!!!
What she asked for was the final insult to me, someone who had probably spent over the years, a small fortune to indulge in what should only be a pleasurable passtime.
She stood before me with the bar hostess who I had had to bar fine to come and sort out the mess stood by her side. I do genuinely think that she did experience a level of drunkeness that she had never encountered before. I always live by the adage that only drunks and children tell the truth. She was obviously still quite drunk and her true personality began to rear it’s ugly head. It was as though she was at the centre of attention and she had decided to take on the role of victim. She was definitely over 22-years-old and old enough to make choices and she chose to be a real bitch. Because there were now five of us now in my hotel room and all working girls in some capacity in the bar scene, except me of course, she thought she had the upper hand. I was thinking really hard done by at this point and don’t for the life of me know how I kept a lid on my anger-based emotions.
Not my decision
After all, it was not my decision to throw 12 Tequilas down her neck. I gave her a great evening financially in the bar by buying her so many lady drinks and it also raised her profile as a popular girl in the bar. It’s very important that you understand that in Thai culture, it is the worse thing to lose face on any issue just as much as the opposite end of the spectrum whereby they love to be proved right in front of their peers. They call it Big Face’ and ‘Small Face’. These bar girls would sooner die than be shown to be of the small face variety. So, being the centre of attention and establishing herself as a victim of a guy who had got her drunk and somehow mysteriously incurred severe bruising on her forehead, went for the jugular.

She demanded that I pay for her time (which I had already paid for in the bar) but now increased it to a long-term liaison as she had been in my room for more than two hours. So, that amounted to about another £60. Please bear in mind that there had been no physical contact between us due to her drunken demeanour so I was in effect paying for nothing. She then pointed to the bruising on her head and one of my friends translated that she would need to go to the hospital to get that treated. That was another £50. And last of all she demanded taxi money for herself and the bar hostess who had done the three-minute walk from the bar to my hotel. I’ll leave you to work out why on earth the bar hostess needed taxi money. That was another £15. This whole thing was intimidation and I sincerely hope that this has not become a new form of practice regularly played out to rip off us honest punters. It even makes my blood boil to think of it now.

So, my friends, that is how this whole sorry event eventually panned out. I’m quite a gentle and shy kind of guy so I gave in to all of her demands just to get her the hell out of my hotel room and put an end to this fiasco. I hope that those of you who have read this missive have managed to garner some insight into how a night out in Bangkok can actually turn out. Even as an experienced punter I suppose I only have myself to blame for my naivety on this occasion. Having said that, this was my first real bad experience in Bangkok. I must have had this dynamic of a night out so many times before and they have always turned out just fine. I will do it again in the future but I will put this one down to experience and acknowledge that no matter how much nous you think you may have about Bangkok nightlife, there will always be the odd incident where your generosity and good character will turn round and bite you on the bum!!!! Lads, tread carefully and happy punting to you all.

Sent in by Dean from Cheltenham. 



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