Asian Escorts

Asian Escorts


Why choose an Asian escort? Well, asking me a question like that would give me licence to write more than your average person could take in all at one go. Having been involved in one way or another with the Asian escort London community for many years, I think I can answer the question in a more than informed way. I think Asian escorts are unique in a variety of ways. My first encounter with a London Asian escort blew me away. I’m not sure what I expected, but the friendliness and willingness to please certainly came as a big surprise to me.

I had never been with an escort before and I suppose I was expecting a dingy little bed-sit and an attitude that would be one of purely being there to relieve me of my hard-earned wages whilst doing as little as possible in return. Nothing could have been further from my expectations. I can even remember her name, which was May and although her apartment was not in the most salubrious of buildings, she had certainly made a huge effort in creating an ambience that befitted the reason for why I was there in the first place.

She gave me a manicure, pedicure and a massage before leading me into a pre-prepared bubble bath and she stripped off totally naked and joined me in the bath, all the time, trying to make friendly conversation in her limited English. This all took up half of the hour that I had booked with my gorgeous little London Asian escort. What followed next was a pre-cursor of what would become to be the norm of what to expect from the young ladies that peopled the Asian escorts London environment. I haven’t the time or inclination to say exactly what happened, but approximately an hour and ten minutes later from the start of my date, I was stood on the platform of Earls Court station, shaking my head in bewilderment at what was my first foray into the London Asian escorts arena.

Asian escorts London were the words that would be indelibly etched in my brain from thereonin whenever I thought about having a good time and gaining maximum enjoyment from my leisure time, which as a hard-working guy, quite limited. Since then, having chalked up probably in the region of 200 London Asian escorts encounters, there has of course been the odd occasion when I had a really bad time, but these were so few and far between so as not to deter me from my favourite pasttime.

It is quite a shame that the odd few whose first time experience was such that they were put off the London Asian escort by being on the receiving end of a really bad time. What you have to remember is that these escorts are not tins of baked beans that you buy off the shelf in a supermarket They are human beings and yes, they may have an off day for a myriad of reasons. But thereagain, don’t we all? If you do have a less than good time, stick with it my friends and you will see why Asian escorts have built up such a good reputation for themselves in the adult entertainment industry. Thanks for reading, Ben – Asian Options.