Another rant!!!

Another rant!!!


I shouldn’t really abuse my  position as an agency proprietor but some punters are just so ridiculous they are crying out for a mention in one of my blogs. This particular guy made a booking to see one of our lovely London Asian escorts who I know for a fact has one of the loveliest apartments you could ever wish to have a punt in. She has really put her heart and soul into creating an ambience that just oozes Oriental sexuality.

Her crime? She lives on a main road in Bayswater. That was enough for the aforementioned punter to cancel his booking. I mean, what is he up to? On a site-seeing tour of the most beautiful architecture in London? I often wonder what makes certain people tick and in this job you certainly come into contact with some unexplanable personality traits.

High Rents

I know for a fact that it is sometimes a major problem for working girls to find a place where they have no problems doing what they do. Some girls bring it on themselves by having noisy parties and are asking for trouble and it comes in the form of complaints from neighbours. However, the majority are sensible and keep visitors down to a minimum and have no problems with adjoining tenants. Sometimes it takes a girl  two or three attempts before they can settle in a suitable apartment. Often, the landlords find out what they do for a living and become very vindictive and high rents become the order of the day.

The rents in London are high enough as it is without piling on another few hundred quid. To me, it’s akin to blackmail. Anyway, that’s how it is. The majority of Asian escorts working in London eventually find somewhere that is ok to put down roots and are able to get on with what they are here for. I think you, as punters also need to be empathetic when it comes to the entrances and hallways when entering the building. They are often in a bit of a state but as I have mentioned, the girls always make their abodes very alluring so when you get inside, you are in Oriental escorts paradise.

This same guy who cancelled a booking merely because the girl’s flat was on a main road, surfaced again using a different name and cancelled his booking because he said that the outside smelt of urine. Needless to say, his number has been saved and circulated amongst other agencies as a time wasting address collector. For those of you who sometimes doubt the necessity of agencies, this is just one example of how we are a barrier between the bad guys and them to make their lives safer and more comfortable.

In my next blog, I will tell you all about my trip to Brazil. And yes, as you probably will have already guessed, I got robbed and ripped off as usual. I will never learn!! Come on England!!! Thanks for reading, Ben - Asian Options. 

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