Another rant from yours truely . . .

Another rant from yours truely . . .


Those of you who know me well are well aware that I like nothing better than have a good moan or rant about issues current or not so current. Last week  I had a customer who requested to see one of our young London Asian escorts. He requested the time of 20:00. That’s fair enough, nothing wrong with that. He did not turn up. Plenty wrong with that. The young lady in question had taken the trouble to prepare to make sure that when the offending gentleman arrived, he was greeted by a very attractive and well turned out girl with appropriate make-up and sexy lingerie.

Obviously she had also informed all other agencies that she has a presence on that she was busy for one hour at 20:00. That’s the way the system works. That is why when you, the potential client calls to enquire about making a booking, we, as agencies, have records of when all the girls are busy and at what time. This system has been in place for many years and I would have thought that everyone who dabbles in this delightful pastime would be aware of this. Even newcomers to the scene would have the common sense to realise that something of this nature would be the way we work.

No Respect

Clearly this particular had no common sense or no respect for the system. He then called me an hour after he was due to arrive and apologised for not turning up as something had cropped up and he could not honour his appointment. I said to him a quick text would have sufficed and there wouldn’t have been an issue. He then requested to see another girl at 22:00. I asked him if he was confident that he could make it this time. He said yes, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Ten minutes after confirming the appointment and having sent him the second address of a London Oriental escorts girl he texted me to ask if he could make it 01:00. For those of you who think that we as agency proprietors have an easy job, this is a prime example of how stressful it can be whilst dealing with members of the general public. Admittedly, most of our bookings do go through without a hitch. Also, those of you who question the existence of agencies, please note that we save all numbers of people who behave in a bad way in any way shape or form, so we do act as a very effective barrier between the girls and the bad/stupid guys. That’s my rant over. Thanks for reading. I will tell you about another ridiculous event in my next blog. Ben - Asian Options.

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