A request . . .

A request . . .


Please, please, please guys, understand that our girls are not tins of baked beans that you buy at a supermarket. When we first interview our girls, they will give us a list of services that they provide should your appointment turn into an intimate liaison. These services can  vary day by day, or indeed become unavailable permanently. By the same token, girls may add extra items that may be of interest to you when considering which of our delightful Asian escorts you choose as your date.

A-levels – A classical example

A classical example of what I am referring to is A-levels. Sometimes, when one of our Oriental escorts arrives in the UK, she will be quite adamant that she will never make this service available. Others may need time to adapt to the physiological aspects. We are all different, but at the end of the day you cannot fit a square peg into a round hole if you will excuse my somewhat less than elaborate terminology. We also have to consider that if on certain days the young lady in question may have had to perform this act several times, she may have to say no for obvious reasons.

Always ask

Whatever may take your fancy and it is paramount to your experience being successful and enjoyable, please ask during the booking process to ensure availability. This will ensure that your time, the girls time and indeed my time as an escort agency, will not be wasted purely because a few things were not ironed out before you make your journey, which may be quite a considerable one and block out the time of the escort when she could be taking other bookings. I could go into lots more detail about other instances but I will just be covering the same ground in principle. I’m sure you all get my drift.

Thanks for reading today’s blog and I hope it can help in ensuring that when you use our agency to book one of our gorgeous Oriental escorts, it is a memorable, enjoyable and problem-free occasion. Many thanks, Ben - Asian Options.

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