A Contentious Issue . . .

A Contentious Issue . . .


No matter how well we are prepared or think we are prepared in the day-to day organisational processes we implement to make sure our work runs smoothly, there will always be the proverbial spanner thrown into the woks that negates all our best laid plans. In a luddite kind of way this is a good thing because although we become more and more reliant on pre-programmed computer systems to carry out all the simplest and most mundane tasks, human intervention is still ultimately what keeps the cogs of industry turning. As usual in my ramblings, you may be wondering where I am going with this and what it has to do with the Asian escorts London circuit. Well, we at Asian Options and indeed all other reputable Asian escorts agencies have, over the years, developed a coping strategy enabling and safeguarding us against all eventualities that can still sometimes rear their ugly heads and de-rail us from the linear path we like to follow which keeps our girls and also our punting community safe and happy in the pursuit of the lifestyle choice we have made for ourselves. I have been working as a receptionist for Asian Options and other agencies for some five years now. All Asian escorts agencies I might add, as I have never ventured far from this highly specialised niche of the adult entertainment industry. Asian girls are most definitely unique when it comes to the way in which they carry themselves through their working day.

I would like to state quite categorically at this point that none of our girls or staff are by any stretch of the imagination racist. I would even go so far as to say they wouldn’t know how to be racist if they tried. I may have touched upon this subject in FAQ but an incident occurred the other day when not only one of our girls was accused of racism but also Asian Options as a whole.

We have a few Asian escorts who use our website to promote their escorting services who point blank refuse to entertain black gentleman. Let me assure all you guys of the black persuasion that our girls have nothing against you or the colour of your skin. Just give it a bit of thought and compare your average black guy’s physicality and that of a London Asian escorts. We have all been party to the jokes that black guys tend to have rather large penises. Come on, this is bloody well true if you like it or not. Also it is a fact that South East Asian girls tend to be on the petite side. Should your date become intimate, which does happen very often, then these questions of physicality are going to cause problems.

Having accepted this which anyone with a modicum of nous can, let’s be adult about this and if you are a black guy, TELL US, instead of playing the racist card when problems arise. We can talk about it, man-to-man and sort it out successfully and there is absolutely no reason why black guys cannot enjoy London Asian escorts the same as the rest of us. It’s a bit late now and I still want to discuss this further so read my blog again tomorrow and we can put this ugly, unnecessary problem to bed. Talk tomorrow. Good night, Ben.

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