A bit of a prude? . . .

A bit of a prude? . . .


. . . I don’t think so. As the vast majority of people who will be reading this blog, you will be well aware of what goes on within the London Asian escorts environment. Invariably, the dates that we arrange for you invariably end up as intimate encounters. So we tend to skip all the niceties and come straight to the point. However, what I am about to talk about, is a bit naughty. As the receptionist and proprietor of one of London’s premier oriental escort agencies, I feel I am well-equipped to talk about, well, anything sexual.


Let’s be honest chaps, we all know what I am talking about when I mention swallowing. Personally I just don’t get it. Obviously, whatever goes on between consenting adults in privacy is none of my concern, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion on it. When a prospective client asks me if a girl swallows, I always say that I will ask the young lady in question. Not all, but most of our girls are sensible enough to say no. They say no for two reasons. One, is that it must taste disgusting and two, the health implications are glaringly  obvious. I can only presume that the guys who get a kick out of watching the girls swallow, are turned-on by some prehistoric instinct which makes the guy feel powerful and dominant over any female who performs this act.


We at Asian Options believe we operate in a responsible manner and cater to all tastes. However, please don’t feel offended if we don’t show great enthusiasm about purveying this particular sexual act. We will always do our best to make sure you have a great time, but only within the realms of gentlemanly conduct. If a girl does not want to engage in a specific action, let it be and try something else. You never know what other tricks our girls have up their sleeves. My case rests. Thanks for reading this blog, Ben - Asian Options.

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