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  • Zoe_Options_2
    Notting Hill
    Age: 28 - Experienced Thai escort
  • Rachel_Options_2
    Edgware Road. .
    Age: 24 - A-level Oriental beauty
  • Molly_Options_2
    Earls Court
    Age: 25 - Oriental beauty
  • Elsa_Options_2
    Edgware Road
    Age: 26 - Book early to avoid disappointment!!!
  • Kate_Options_2
    Age: 25 - New in Bayswater

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Mike's punting story part 2

Mike's punting story: third and final part

Bangkok Experience (unfinished)

Bangkok Experience (continued)

The Morality of Escorting

Mike in Bangkok - the Sequel . . .

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When making your initial enquiry to book one of our elegant  escorts, it is always advisable to have a second- and third-choice of girl just in case your original choice is for some reason unavailable. We have +/- 35 escorts on duty at any given time, so there are plenty to choose from!!!

We have some gorgeous new girls that have joined our AsianOptions agency, They heard that we were the best all-round  Asian escort agency and that was enough to persuade them to join us. A bit of self-praise doesn't go amiss sometimes :-) Peruse at your leisure our burgeoning gallery, full of Asia's finest escorts. Enjoy . . .

Reviews and location maps are now available on each escort's Personal Gallery page.

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Welcome to Asian Options - provider of  beautiful oriental escorts in London. Our primary aim is to provide you with a suitable companion and to offer you  first-class Escort Services. We understand through many years of experience in creating pleasurable, fulfilling and safe liaisons, that your time spent with any of our beautiful Escorts is important to you. We believe we go the 'extra mile' to match you with a compatible Escort and will listen carefully to your requirements before we arrange for you to meet with one of our sexy asian girls.

We believe we purvey the best asian escort service in West and Central London. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our gorgeous escorts. Your appointment will be handled swiftly, with discretion and an appreciation of any special requests you may have.

We look forward to your call - Many thanks from Ben and the rest of the team at Asian Options. 07516 118 440 / 07780 803 807.
Asian Options
  • RUBY
  • Min_Options 5
  • Yumi_Options_5
  • Catherine_Elsa_Options_5
  • Olivia_TS_Options_5
  • Raysa_Options_4
  • Alejandro_Options_5
  • Koey_Options_4
  • Dear_Asian_Options_5
  • Lilly_Options_4
  • Asian_Options_Emma_4
  • Goldie_Options_16
  • Mata_Options_4
  • Vicky_2_Options_5
  • Catherine_Options_5
  • Irin_Options_5
  • April_Options_4
  • Kimberly_Options_12
  • Jasmine_Options_5
  • Faye_Options_5
  • Becky_Options_5
  • Mia_Options_6
  • Daphne_Options_5
  • Jennifer_Options_5
  • Kate_Options_5
  • Elsa_Options_5
  • Molly_Options_5
  • Rachel_Options_5
  • Zoe_Options_5
Asian Options
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Featured Escorts
  • Dear_Asian_Options_4
    Age: 23 - A-level and all services
  • Goldie_Options_14
    High Street Kensington
    Age: 24 - Oriental escort perfection
  • Vicky_2_Options_4
    Oxford Street
    Age: 24 - A-level girl
  • Becky_Options_4
    Age: 23 - Busty Oriental beauty
    Wardour Street
    Age: 21 - A-level and all services
  • Kimberly_Options_15
    Age: 26 - Party girl!!! Duos with Faye
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Our Escorts are carefully selected and understand that their personal profiles have to be an accurate reflection of the services that they provide. This in turn enables us to recommend Escorts to you with the confidence that they will meet our highest standards, thereby creating a truely memorable experience for you when using our Escort services. All photos of our Escorts are genuine and we frown on the practice of 'bait and switch' whereby some unscrupulous agencies will show pictures of an Escort but on arrival you are presented with a different girl. Our core beliefs are Honesty, Integrity and a firm belief that customer satisfaction is everything. Also of the utmost importance to Asian Options is that our Escorts carry out their chosen profession in a safe and happy environment.
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We now have new features in the form of Google location maps which can be found (along with reviews) on each girls' personal page. You can use this feature to plot the whereabouts of the escort of your choice to help in the planning and logistics of your visit to one of our exclusive,  sexy and busty Asian escorts. When you click on the 'location map' (which can be found at the bottom of the girls details) you will be re-directed to a Google map which will have a marker which pin points the location of the escort you are visiting. Not exactly, but near enough for you to find her address which will have been texted to you during the booking process. if you use maximum 'zoom-in' you will see the names or relevant descriptions of shops, restaurants etc. that will make finding your chosen escort a much easier task. As you would expect, there will still be instances where you will need to call us on 07516 118 440 / 07780 803 807 to find the exact location of your escort as we understand you are only human and the London streets numbering systems can be quite confusing. Sometimes the street numbering makes no sense at all. We at  AsianOptions escort agency are familiar with the location of each escort and all the nuances associated with their addresses (occasionally faulty door bells, codes that need to be entered on lifts once inside the building, etc, etc) and ultimately, that's what we're here for - to make your experience of visiting one of our thai escorts as relaxing massage and problem-free as possible. 

Something to think about . . . .
. . . , when you are pondering the London Asian escorts scene. Over the last ten years there have been literally hundreds of agencies that have sprung up on the internet under many guises to lure you into the fascinating world of the Japanese escort in London. I speak now, casting aside all moral principles and debates which are covered in some depth elsewhere on this website. Let's just assume that we are all 'naughty boys' and enjoy the occasional punt.

Obviously, being an agency of the Oriental persuasion (although having said that we do have two beautiful Romanian girls on our books, Raysa and Monika) we are on the side of promoting Asian girls. This is not purely because before I started this website, I had tenuous links with the Thai escort scene. I, like most of you had a fantastic experience during my first foray into the world of escorts and it just so happened it was with a young lady from Thailand. After many punts and an amount of money I would rather choose to forget about (ouch), I ended up marrying one. During those halcyon days I did dabble in many other ethnicities but in general, I always reverted to the Asian escort clan.

I genuinely believe that the country of Thailand produces girls for the escorts profession the same as the Swiss make watches and the Belgians make chocolate. I will not dwell on the subject for too long, as again, articles of this nature are ubiquitous throughout this website. It is a culture thing, I believe and when you get to know some of the girls you will see what I mean.

When choosing a London escort agency, maybe for the first time, always try to do a bit of research before departing with your hard earnt wonga. A good place to look is, where not only are there thousands of reviews on girls of all nationalities, you will also by pure happenstance, stumble across forums which discuss agencies with either derision or praise, hoping we fall into the latter category. Lol. The Asian escorts London scene is very well covered in all aspects on, so it's well worth a visit.

Deciding on your choice of escorts in London can be quite daunting but the better quality the website, usually indicates that the quality of service will equal to it. Please beware of small websites with not much content and poor quality of photos of the girls that advertise the services of girls on the Thai escorts London scene. Please also be aware of websites that show an outstanding amount of incredibly pretty little Japanese girls that look about 15-years-old. Don't bother, I have been caught out many times by the temptation of these 'siren-like' photos. These girls just don't exist.

Oriental escort service is a must do thing before you die. Put it on your list and don't forget to book your desired London escort girls through us, Call Asian Options Agency  on - 07516 118 440 / 07780 803 807.   Happy punting!!!!!


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